MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS All 4 teaser trailers (2021)

Editor of material collected by 4 teasers: @ – Show him some THE MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS All 4 Teaser Trailers (2021) ….

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28 Responses

  1. 0:35 i am VERY interested in finding out how this scene comes to be.

    but not as interested as knowing why Morpheus was recast and Laurence Fishburne wasnt even asked.

    are they pulling a fast one here? is this new morpheus actually the machines being the morpheus figure to Neo to manipulate him? will we be revealed that Fishburne is actually in the movie??

  2. This just doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t feel truly like the Matrix, the director just hasn’t caught that spark that made the original 3 what they were at the time. If the film follows the original 3 and where the 3rd left off, as the ending just wasn’t what anyone wanted, and I personally hated, as in it comes full circle, back to the exact moment at the end of 3, and explains it, then I’m happy, plus I really don’t think the sound track fits the franchise at all in this trailer, please make it more matrix, I understand it’s about Neo following the white rabbit again, but it doesn’t fit, and that’s final. Rant over, sorry everyone.

  3. SOMEONE UNDERSTOOD AND CAN TELL ME WHERE DOES THIS MOVIE COME FROM!!? WHY A SEQUEL TO MATRIX !!? Maybe because he was popular with John Wick and Cyberpunk

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