math teacher suspended for supporting Taliban on Facebook

A math teacher from Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) did not return to school this Thursday at Claude Daunot high school.

The man was, in fact, “suspended as a precaution” a few days before the start of the school year by the Nancy-Metz academy. In question, a post on Facebook in which he displays his support for the Taliban, who seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August, reports Le Figaro.

“They have the will and the conviction. Unlimited courage … ”, he commented on August 16 on the social network, while relaying a post to the glory of the new masters of Kabul.

The teacher had worked eight years in the private establishment Notre-Dame-de-Peltre, near Metz, where we had never found fault with him. He was to start teaching at the Claude Daunot vocational high school this year.

An open criminal investigation

The Facebook post was reported by the rectorate. It follows a series of previous posts where the teacher clearly displayed his adherence to political Islam, according to Le Figaro.

The Nancy prosecutor, François Pérain, has also opened a criminal investigation for justifying terrorism. An administrative investigation was also launched.

“A disciplinary fault can be constituted without a criminal offense being able to be characterized”, recalls the prosecutor.

The apology of terrorism, since the Taliban are considered as such by the European Union, is punished 100,000 euros and seven years in prison.


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