Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, Debussy – Clarac-Deloeuil> laboratory @ Cité de la Musique, Arsenal de Metz, Gulbenkian Foundation

Mystery in 5 Acts Gabriele d’Annunzio Music by Claude Debussy, 1911 Cast: Musical Director, Michel TABACHNIK (Cité de la Musique, Arsenal de Metz); Alain ALTINOGLU (Fundaçao Gulbenkian Lisbon) Adaptation, production and video design, Jean-Philippe CLARAC & Olivier DELOEUIL Lighting, Rick MARTIN Micha LESCOT (Saint) Karen VOURCH (Mother) Eric BOUGNON (Father) Marie KALININE, Pauline SABATIER CREBASSA (Lisbon), Les Jumeaux. Blanche KONRAD (La Bonne) PRODUCTION: Cité de la Musique, Arsenal de Metz, Brussels Philharmonic, Fundaçao Gulbenkian Lisbon and Clarac-Deloeuil> Laboratory INTENTION: The show introduces the modern high-class family, whose 5-member, thanks to the attractive messenger Sébatien, gradually has mysticism and religious faith. The production combines speech dialogues, arias, orchestral and choral music. Combining medieval arrows and archers with modern tattoos, the performance bridges the gap between ancient religious theater and the search for modern spirituality. Our martyr is indeed a religious fairy tale inspired by the Middle Ages, clearly intended for today’s audience. ABOUT: If any motif is remembered after the caustic treatment of St. Sebastian’s martyrdom, it is undoubtedly a tattoo. Remembering Sébastien’s passage and the revelation he brings on five bodies, on five different skins, we can indeed read this sentence: “Lord, I am the soul in thy breast.” The performance overlaps on several levels of narration: stage performance, orchestra and choirs, speech texts and digital projections. But true to the spirit of the Debussy mystery, we are reworking the code of the Conversion to the spectator inherent in the mysteries of the Middle Ages. The proposed reinterpretation is firmly anchored in current aesthetics, which does not hesitate to draw inspiration from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film.


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