Martin Rütter: Video shocks fans – “Really allowed in Germany?”

Martin Rütter is the “dog professional”.

Martin Rütter is probably the most famous dog expert in the country. Born in Duisburg, he has also been on TV since the mid-1990s. Always at work for man’s best friend, as in his latest video, which the 51-year-old now shared on Facebook.

We see Martin Rütter in a red hoodie. The “dog professional” has pulled the hood far over his face, the mouth and nose protection covers the rest of his face. The short video only lasts 14 seconds, but it is enormously explosive.

This is how Martin Rütter works in a pet shop. You can hear dogs barking, birds screeching, puppies jumping up against a pane of glass in the background. The background noise alone: ​​pure stress.

Martin Rütter warns against buying dogs in the pet shop

In the video, Rütter wants to sensitize people not to buy dogs in pet shops. In the text that the “dog professional” provided with the video, he also explains why. “It’s a total catastrophe for the dogs and nothing dog-friendly. Please do not support this kind of trade. As long as there are people who buy dogs / cats or other animals there, this crap goes on and on. Please bear in mind that this kind of attitude, trade, is absolute psychological terror for dogs. “

Dogs look out of their enclosure at the shelter.  The municipalities and municipalities are legally responsible for the supply of found animals, but they often only insufficiently reimburse animal shelters for the costs of supplying them.  +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A dog in a shelter kennel.

Martin Rütter, on the other hand, would like dogs to be acquired from animal shelters or from reputable breeders. “So people, go to the animal shelter or to reputable breeders and not to those stalls where the animals are just doing badly,” says the “dog professional”.

Martin Rütter: His fans are shocked

A point that is well received by his fans. “I actually didn’t know that there was something like this in Germany. Unbelievable. And it’s really sad what a world we live in that such a trade is not banned, ”writes a follower of the 51-year-old on Facebook. And another adds: “Is that really allowed in Germany? I’ve only seen something like this in a French hardware store, they also had two puppies, so I went straight out with tears in my eyes. “


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