Marketing professionals are increasingly training in the field of strategy

Marketing professionals are increasingly training in the field of strategy

02/01/2023 – Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy are the most requested courses in marketing skills. Learners focused heavily on digital methods and channels to implement and measure the effectiveness of this strategy.

This makes perfect sense considering that 90% of marketers say their digital engagement strategy has changed somewhat or completely since before the pandemic. These are the results of the “Workplace Learning Trends Report” of Udemy

online learning and education provider.

Graphics: Udemy

The most in-demand business skills were in the communication and project management categories. Importantly, today’s hybrid workplace leaves little room for misunderstandings due to miscommunication between parties. The greatest increase in learners in Commercial zones see Udemy on these skills:

  1. Customer experience management: up 449%
  2. Non-verbal communication: increased by 268%
  3. Salesforce software: up 252%

Around personal skills there is a tendency to change jobs. Job-relevant skills are increasingly in demand. Additionally, four of the ten most consumed skills in this area focus on learning a foreign language, an indicator that more employees are preparing for new positions. Additionally, stress management is a big issue for many. Courses related to productivity and time management were consumed the most, with awareness showing the biggest increase. Courses in these areas have the most growth:

  1. Awareness: increased by 825%
  2. Job search: 425% increase
  3. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) : en hausse de 232 %

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