Mark Hamill never wants to play Luke Skywalker again

Since the very first “Star Wars” film, which was released in American cinemas in 1977, actor Mark Hamill (68) has been inextricably linked to the franchise for fans. In a total of six films of the saga, he was seen as “Luke Skywalker”.

Mark Hamill

(© Imago Images / Cinema Publishers Collection)

Mark Hamill’s last appearance as “Luke”

Now he tells “Entertainment Weekly” that he will finally take the role of the “Jedi” knight. What Mark Hamill says about his ending on Star Wars you can find out in the video. Most recently he was seen in “Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalkers”, also known as “Episode IX”.

This film will be the last appearance of “Luke Skywalker”. The “Jedi” knight was the main character of the original trilogy, meanwhile the newer films tell the stories of the young generation about “Rey”, “Finn” and “Kylo Ren”.


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