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Marit Schmid combines social media marketing and content marketing at Decathlon.
© Teresa Kraft / Decathlon Germany

She actually wanted to become a journalist, which is undoubtedly a fine job. But then Marit Schmid got to know marketing during a practical semester – and stayed with it.


“To this day, I still have a wow moment in my daily work and I am therefore happy to have chosen this path,” she says of her career decision. At Decathlon Germany, Marit Schmid got the “great chance” to build a team and design a completely new area: “Bringing talented profiles together and creating a common vision is not only fun, but also extremely motivating,” she reports.

The 30-year-old is now Head of Social Media & Content Marketing at Decathlon Germany. She is currently taking care of further dovetailing social media marketing and content marketing. Also on her agenda: Local advertising, the approach to the measurability of online-to-offline measures and the sharpening of the brand.

And next? She and her team want to take even more users into the world of sport with added value, inspiration and motivation – and continue to learn and grow personally.

Questionnaire to Marit Schmid from Decathlon

  • Favorite brand? The Female Company, a wonderful brand that combines great products with important topics such as diversity, feminism and sustainability.
  • Greatest advertisement? The Mercedes-Benz spot for the EQC with The Weeknd.
  • Example? I think you take people with you from every stage of life who make a lasting impression. My courageous little sister Siona was definitely the longest.
  • Best advice? “Be brave and just do it,” my parents have been saying since I can remember.
  • What is it that drives you? It must be down to the sports company … but after the competition is before the competition?

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