Mariana Seoane says that the press has already scared her off the romance with “Güero” Castro: “It was worth it”

Mariana Seoane ensures that the kiss con José Alberto “el Güero” Castrocaptured a few days ago by the cameras of the Mexican press, was just a “quiquito” and ruled out any type of love relationship with the soap opera producer, since he says that they have been friends for many years, however, not much happened for that the famous actress and singer contradicted herself, pointing out that only time will tell if they start a relationship or maintain their bond in a fraternal friendship.

Last week, a magazine with national circulation published a series of photographs in which Mariana Seoane and “el Güero” Castro can be seen leaving a restaurant in the south of Mexico City. And although the images look a bit blurry, due to the time they were taken, in the photograph where they are kissing it is clearly seen how they brush their lips, a situation that would confirm that there is more than a friendship between the two.

However, in an interview for “Venga la alegría”, the interpreter of “I was wrong” denied any love relationship with the producer of the telenovela “La campirana” which will be released on the small screen in a few months, where she works alongside the actress who, in fact, will give life to nothing more and nothing less than the character that Sofía Castro will play, the eldest daughter of “Güero”, however, she acknowledged that they gave each other a little kiss, leaving the event they attended together .

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“If it was a ‘quiquito’, we have been friends for many years, it is the first time we have worked together,” said the actress.

And although Seoane assured that it was a kiss from friends, in those same statements he expressed that -if something no longer occurs between the two- it would be the fault of the media that captured the moment in which they were kissing, for which reason it only aroused uncertainty due to handle two different versions about the link he has with Castro.

“But, in addition, we did not even have it recorded (to the paparazzi), a very quick thing, you know how these things are; the camera waiting to see that at what moment something happens, we actually said goodbye, that is, nothing happened, It was like… no, it was worth it, now,” he told the cameras.

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Later, he reiterated that there was no romance, but that they were seeing each other because they are working together for the new Televisa melodrama, however, he took the opportunity to point out some of the qualities of “Güero”, whom he left very well off, after they list countless compliments towards him: “We have a beautiful friendship, I adore him, he seems to me an admirable man in every way, anyone can fall in love with him”.

Finally, Mariana, who began by denying any love relationship with the producer, ended up expressing that it will be time that gives rise to a relationship or not. “Let’s see… whatever time says, there is no relationship as such and well, sometimes, everything is frightened by one of these notes” and he even expressed that, if Sofía -Castro’s daughter- found out about that they give themselves a chance in love, she is sure that she would be very pleased, because between them there is a great friendship and connection.

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Contrary to what was said by the “Jam” singer, the magazine that published the photos suggests that the relationship between the two began four months ago and that, at present, they are very excited to give themselves a chance together in love.

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