Maps that prove the impact of school segregation in France

School segregation seriously harms the health of French students, of course, but to what extent? “The Obs” plunged into the statistics of the Ministry of National Education and, without disclosing everything – the answer is to be discovered at the end of the paper -, we can reveal to you that there is really something worry. And that, more seriously, nothing has been done to make this data transparent, analyze it and rely on it in order to launch policies that are nevertheless urgent.

Astonishing? The social and ethnoracial sorting that is rampant in the colleges of large and small French towns, and that we told you in the front page of “l’Obs” of August 26, is one of the plagues of the French education system. From a citizen’s point of view, it is almost obvious: without common spaces for socialization for our children and adolescents, how can we be surprised that the sense of the collective and, more generally, the conditions for a constructive debate? are collapsing in our society? We are not born united and empathetic, we become so by living with our neighbors.

Does diversity benefit disadvantaged children?

From an academic point of view, on the other hand, there may be more debate. Of course, the weight of social origins plays a huge role in academic success; this is a statistical truth, especially in France – every three years, the OECD Pisa surveys carried out among 15-year-old students painfully remind us of this. But segregation, per se, does it have an effect on

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