Many Saints in Newark Official Trailer # 2 | HBO Max

Before Tony Soprano was Dickie Moltisanti. #TheManySaintsOfNewark Directed by Alan Taylor, “The Many Saints of Newark” stars Alessandro Nivola, …

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28 Responses

  1. Dear HBO Max stick your programs where the sun doesn't shine as we the people of the UK won't get to see any of this as you have decided not to allow the people of the UK to get HBO Max, so stop showing programs and films we can't see…

  2. I really want to know the origins to the violent overweight guy who thinks mixed race people only exist just to rape his daughter, I guess this means this movie is made for me. Oh wait, just kidding, I'm not a heterosexual white male.

  3. It's strange how Tony seems to get kicked out of school in this trailer but when AJ gets kicked out of school Tony says "even he managed to not get kicked out of school"

    either he was lying, the writers are contradicting themselves or there's more to the story

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