Many are unaware that these omega 9-rich foods lower cholesterol by helping the heart

When we talk about particularly valuable foods for the fight against high cholesterol and blood sugar peaks, we must necessarily start with those rich in fatty acids. Especially those that contain omega 3 and 6. Here then we go on legumes, on certain fish, on dried fruit, just to give the most common examples. However, many are unaware that these omega 9-rich foods lower cholesterol by helping the heart in the same way. We can lower blood sugar without medicine but with only 1 exceptional trick that few know and with these foods suggested by our Experts.

Defenders of heart and blood

Let’s take foods rich in omega 9 and think of them as the best defense in the football league. All for the benefit of our heart and blood circulation. Not for nothing as we will see are the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet and food science recognizes its importance. In fact, there are more and more international studies of some relevance which confirm the importance of these foods. They are part of the same team as the most famous unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 and we can find them in both animal and vegetable fats. The symbol of foods rich in omega 9 is also one of the pillars of global prevention: olive oil.

Many are unaware that these omega 9-rich foods lower cholesterol by helping the heart

What penalizes these acids more than the more famous ones is the fact that our body can also synthesize them from other foods. But this does not mean that we can give up lightly, to use a play on words. If we usually cook using more than one oil, it is good to know that we also find quantities of omega 9:

  • in sunflower oil;
  • inside almond oil;
  • in peanut oil;
  • in soybean oil.

But we can find small quantities even in the most common salmon and tuna.

They also reduce the level of bad cholesterol

A few years ago it was possible to find the so-called “three musketeers of the heart” in the school books of the little ones. The famous novel of the most famous swordsmen in France has nothing to do with it, but it is an important reference to the three types of fatty acids. The task of omega 3, 6 and 9 is in fact to provide a good number of antioxidants to prevent heart disease. And speaking of antioxidants here this unique and little known plant reduces blood sugar and cholesterol with its 40 antioxidants.


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