Manuel Penín (UPO): “The mayor wants to privatize the Popular University” | Radio Ourense

Second meeting of the mayor of Ourense, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, with the representatives of the Popular University, which has resulted in a new confrontation.

On the one hand, Jácome has announced that it will maintain the Popular University and even improve it. Of course, it will do it under another name because considers that this body cannot be classified as a university. In addition, he stated that “at no time do we cancel the service given to citizens, no matter how much they (the platform) want to manipulate. The problem is that they only fixate on the continent, and we on the content. They want the stick from Popula Universityr”.

On the other hand, the regidor wants to keep the UPO out of the Spanish Federation of Popular Universities considering that “there is no argument to justify that we should continue to be sponsored by a private entity with which we do not agree.”

Manuel Penín, UPO professor, considers that the future that Jácome wants for the Popular University is his privatization, since the Spanish Federation of Universities grants transparency when choosing professionals and projects. He also criticizes that the name change is “a smokescreen”.


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