Man extradited to Portugal to serve a prison sentence of almost 20 years – News

In a statement, the PJ said that the man is convicted of a crime of aggravated homicide, two crimes of aggravated homicide, in the attempted form, and a crime for possession of a prohibited weapon, committed in Santarém, about six years ago.

“The extradition arises in compliance with an international arrest warrant issued by the Central Criminal Court of Santarém, for facts committed in December 2015 and investigated by the Judiciary Police in 2015 and 2016, since the defendant, after the commission of the murders and already during the trial, he left the country and went to live in Brazil, where he was detained”, reads the statement.

The PJ indicates that he went to Recife, where the man was handed over to him by the Brazilian authorities, having taken care of his transport and custody to Portugal.

The detainee was sent to the Lisbon Prison to serve the prison sentence to which he was sentenced.

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