Malnutrition detection initiative: 8 million students have been examined so far

Dr. Tamer Samir, Coordinator of the Presidential Initiative to Eliminate Diseases, said: Malnutrition in schools8 million students were screened this year as part of the presidential initiative for early detection of obesity, anemia and dwarfism.

He added, during a telephone interview with the media, Reham Al-Sahli, through her program “The Confrontation” broadcast on the Extra News channel, that there are 2,400 teams within the presidential initiative for the early detection of obesity, anemia and stunting, spread throughout the Republic to check on the health of children, pointing out that after the detection and found that the case calls for a specialized committee. They are referred to committees for free examination.

He added that the presidential initiative for early detection of obesity, anemia and dwarfism has a plan to eliminate diseases among children at the level of the Republic, adding that there is a large part of students suffering from anemia who also have obesity, in addition to that the campaign is also based on providing healthy eating methods for children, stressing that Sharkia Governorate One of the largest governorates with children suffering from diseases, as well as the New Valley Governorate.



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