Make Barren To Change DNA – Importance Covid-19 vaccination in order to achieve herd immunity, aka group immunity is hindered by fake news, hoaxes, and myths circulating about Covid-19 vaccine.

In fact, according to a virus expert who is also a vaccine expert, Dr. Katherine O’Brien, these myths have been dispelled by the many scientific journals circulating.

In the Vaccine Myths vs Science interview session organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the woman who is familiarly called Dr. Kate also dismantled the three most popular myths about the Covid-19 vaccine. Anything?

1. Make it barren

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Launching the Covid-19 page, the first myth associated with the Covid-19 vaccine is that it can cause infertility.

Students queue to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at the Tangerang City Government Center, Thursday (2/9). ( Hilal Rauda Fiqry)

This is clearly denied by Dr. Kate, who said there was nothing in the vaccine that could cause infertility or other fertility problems.

“These are rumors that have been circulating about many different vaccines and those rumors are not true. There is no vaccine that causes infertility,” he said.

2. Change human DNA

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), which is the genetic material that determines the nature and physical characteristics of a person, is said to change after the COVID-19 vaccine enters the body.

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In response to this, Kate, who is also an epidemiologist and infectious disease doctor, said it was impossible for a vaccine to change a person’s DNA.


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