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Maizières-lès-Metz. Angelo continues The Voice: “An enchanted parenthesis”

by drbyos

This Saturday, April 24, Angelo Mougin, 34-year-old Maiziérois, passed the KO test of The Voice. While waiting for the cross battles, it diffuses some surprises.

What state of mind are you in after the KOs have been broadcast?

Angelo MOUGIN : ” I’m on a little cloud. Vianney’s words [son coach, NDLR] were very touching. It’s a fabulous surprise. “

You have chosen “Bad Boy” by Yseult. Why ?

“It’s a wonderful song, from a masterful author. A love story that starts from the heart and goes to the heart. If this had to be the last song, I wanted it to be pretty. “

The show was shot several weeks ago. Are you looking at yourself?

“Yes, Saturday night I was watching TV with my family. “

And your family doesn’t know what’s going to happen? Is she tense for you?

[Rire] ” Nobody knows. They are a little stressed during the broadcasts. But they know that I take things in hindsight. It’s a delightful break to go from my classroom to TV. I take everything, as long as it can go on. There are a lot of people this year who are professionals. They took the opportunity The Voice to perform, given the health restrictions. I am self-taught. Music is a passion. “

You are very supported by the people of Lorraine on social networks!

“There is a closeness, I am proud to make them proud. In the street, some succeed in the feat of recognizing me behind my mask. Hats off! They encourage me a lot. There is a lot of benevolence, I do not take the comments. “

Next step on Saturday?

“The semi-finals start on Saturday. My passage will be broadcast this Saturday or the next. In the meantime, I have a few projects with the City of Metz. I had already shot at the Governor’s Palace in Nancy. I requested a clip of a cover [ Trouble , de Coldplay, NDLR] at the Cour d’Or Museum. It will air this Sunday.

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The mayor, the museum director, everyone was very interested. It is a huge chance at the moment to be able to bring people back to places of culture. To be their window. We are starting again in two weeks at the Center Pompidou-Metz. “

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