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Mainfranken: Main-Spessart leaves the emergency brake – …

by drbyos

In the Main-Spessart district, the Corona emergency brake can loosen from Friday. The reason: the incidence fell below 100 for five days in a row. On Wednesday, according to the Robert Koch Institute, it is 84. Easings could also be pending in the Kitzingen district at the weekend. There, too, the incidence is again below 100 – but only on the fourth day. If it stays that way on Thursday, the emergency brake may be released there from Saturday.

There is also good news from the city of Würzburg. There, despite 28 new infections, the incidence has fallen to below 100. The RKI reports a value of around 99. In the Würzburg district, the corona incidence is around 62 – slightly higher than the day before.

Situation in Schweinfurt:
The city of Schweinfurt has the second highest corona incidence in Germany. It is around 322 and has decreased a bit since the day before. In the Schweinfurt district, the incidence has risen to around 211. The health department speaks of a diffuse infection process without corona hotspots. Mayor Remelé called on people to stick to the rules.

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