Magal 2021: Sokhna Aïda Diallo appears very lovely in the company of her co-wives (photos)

To celebrate the most anticipated festival of the year among the Mourides, Sokhna Aïda Saliou was surrounded by her relatives in her sumptuous residence named “KEUR THIOFFEL” and always by her side, Sokhna Bator Saliou and Sokhna Adja Saliou.

It is in a large living room adorned with luxury white and gold crockery, sumptuous meals, that Sokhna Aïda Saliou and her guests enjoy the royal breakfast together, then dinner in the evening.

Sokhna Aïda Saliou as well as Sokhna Bator Saliou and Sokhna Adja Saliou each appeared with two different outfits: a first for breakfast, a second for dinner.

We let you discover the pretty pictures …


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