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Maeva Ghennam recently took part in the shooting of a famous French movie. The young woman tells us more about this new project.

After filming Marseillais vs The Rest of the World, Maeva Ghennam stayed in France for a few days. Greg Yega’s ex’s house was also recently vandalized. These last few weeks have been very difficult for beauty. Fortunately, the young woman was able to keep her mind busy working on a new project. A few weeks ago, Maeva Ghennam hinted that she had joined the cast of a famous French movie. La Marseillaise finally revealed in which production she filmed herself.

For a few days, the pretty brunette has returned to Dubai. In a recent story, Maeva Ghennam announced some great news for her fans. In fact, she has revealed that she was embarking on the world of cinema. She thus stated:

“On Monday I start another shoot in Dubai, because I am making the film Les Déguns. It will last all week, and then I can rest. Les Déguns is initially a miniseries. It was then adapted into a movie in 2018. So it could be that Maeva Ghennam is casting for the second part. A few weeks ago, the reality show candidate posed with actor Nordine Salhi, who is also involved in this project. We are looking forward to seeing her take her first steps in the world of cinema. melted


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