Madrid will reduce the speed in some streets to 15 km / h, there will be day buses on demand and those under 15 years of age will be able to ride a scooter

The Environment and Mobility Commission of the Madrid City Council, convened this Wednesday in an extraordinary way to deal with the new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, which will replace the one approved on October 5, 2018, has settled with 68 approved amendments of the 207 presented .

They are 28 from the Socialist Group (PSOE), 24 from the Popular Party transacted with those from the Mixed Group (Recupera Madrid), 14 from Más Madrid and 2 from Vox. Some of these approved amendments represent important changes in Madrid mobility, such as those shown below.

The first one is the speed limitation of motor vehicles at 20 km / h on streets with a single platform and sidewalk when there are separating elements between them (bollards) and at 15 km / h when there are none. It also includes reducing the speed of motor vehicles to 20 km / h in school zones and reducing the access of motorcycles to the low emissions zone of the Centro district from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Parking of the motosharing, motorcycles for rent, on the sidewalks as long as there is a specific reserve for these vehicles within 100 meters, and cargo loading and unloading points will be created in all municipally owned car parks to facilitate the urban distribution of ‘last’ goods. mile’.

Another of the approved amendments contemplates the creation of buses of the EMT on demand in daytime areas and lines “with low population density or far from buildings.”

The car parks for bikes They will be located as close as possible to the main entrances and to the cycle path that may exist, as well as if there was a nearby public transport station. The distance a cyclist must keep from a pedestrian and the facades rises from 1 meter to 1.5 meters.

Bicycles may circulate in both directions of travel on cycle streets, residential streets and single platform limited to 20 km / h. The bicycle will have right of way. Bicycles will be able to circulate through parks and urban public gardens on paths that are more than three meters wide.

The speed of bicycles on cycle paths is lowered from 20 km / h to 15 km / h, where the pedestrian will have priority. Furthermore, the circulation of multi-tandem or multi-pedaling bicycles for parties and events (“bicibirras”) will be prohibited unless expressly authorized.

Regarding the personal mobility vehicles (VMP)Like scooters, it is contemplated that minors under 15 years of age can travel on them, previously it was prohibited, as long as they do so accompanied by another VMP, under the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

Another important amendment approved is the one that affects the expansion of the SER (parking meters) in 20 new neighborhoods, which will be carried out as long as it has the prior favorable agreement of the District Board after consulting the affected residents and neighborhood associations. In addition, the minimum number of places for residents (green strip) in each neighborhood with SER is increased from 75% to 80%.

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