Madrid will host the largest artificial beach in Europe and the photos seem to be taken from the Caribbean

If there is a zasca that the people of Madrid are fed up with, it is “but Madrid doesn’t have a beach”. Before we had to take the car and go to one of the wonderful Spanish beaches. But now the capital is about to inaugurate its own artificial coast and it will be so amazing and so big that in it we can do up to paddle surf.

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The air conditioning in Madrid in August is more than necessary. But a good little beach where you can sunbathe with your colleagues is a much better plan. Wish granted! This dream comes true in Alovera Beachand project 50 kilometers from the capital It seems like a heavenly destination.

Alovera Beach Playa Madrid
Alovera Beach Playa Madrid

Alovera Beach It will be built in the Corredor de Henares (Guadalajara), becoming a complex with 25,000 square meters of “sea” and 15,000 square meters of sand. The goal is to fill it with beach bars, sun loungers, beach volleyball courts and even a sports school nautical and water sports such as sailing or paddle surf.

Alovera Beach Playa Madrid
Alovera Beach Playa Madrid

According to estimates, this plan will see the light in 2023 and could become “the largest artificial beach in Europe”, according to the promoter of this complex. Of course, he still has to get the land transfers and weather the controversy and complaints about the improper use of drinking water.

Alovera Beach Playa Madrid
Alovera Beach Playa Madrid

Photos | Unsplash, Aloverabeach.


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