Madrid runs through Madrid again

The Madrid runs through Madrid is a basic element in the community’s popular racing ecosystem. A test that every year brought together 10,000 runners on the streets of the capital, until the coronavirus arrived and everything stopped. In 2020 it was also held, but virtually, and this Sunday it will finally be able to resume its original format, albeit in a controlled way.

This time only 5,000 people will be able to participate and there will be “many anti-COVID measures”, says David Rumbao, Marketing Director of this race and the Madrid Marathon. “To be able to register you have to be vaccinated with the complete regimen or present a PCR or antigen test carried out at most 72 hours before the race,” he explains. “That is the main thing, we understand that with this requirement the test is more than safe,” he adds. It will also be necessary to wear a mask “at all times” and departures will be given “from a thousand to a thousand people” to avoid crowds. As for the route, it changes for the works in Plaza España, but they hope to “recover” the previous one in 2022.

The good part is that people have responded despite these discomforts and the fear of mass events that still persists. In three weeks “the quota was completed.” This encourages Rumbao and the rest of the organization after a few difficult months of uncertainty: “Imagine. MAPOMA organizes about 20 races a year and for almost two years we have been unemployed.”

Little by little, as restrictions have been relaxed, activity has been recovering and on the next day 26 the great challenge will also return, the Madrid Marathon, in which they hope to gather “30,000 people”. The Madrid runs through Madrid, of smaller dimensions, will act as a test tube: “It will be a test, because we will apply the same measures. In Berlin they recently put 15,000 people in the half marathon and on the 26th, in the marathon, they want them to be 50,000. We believe this is the right way to go back to normal racing. “

Rumbao wants to recover on Sunday “the spirit of Madrid runs through Madrid”. “It has been twelve years contributing to solidarity causes and this one we will donate 10,000 euros”, he assures. “We are the first big to be held in Spain in two years”, he celebrates. And with him, the Madrid runners.

Popular careers are slowly flourishing again

Madrid’s popular racing calendar, always intense, was covered in red crosses with the pandemic, but the organizers are daring and in the remainder of the year there is a great variety of events scheduled. From trail and cross, more wild modalities, to a good number of urban routes.

There were already experiments at the end of last year such as the 10K in Alcobendas, which brought together 60 people and in which Fernando Carro achieved a national record of 10 kilometers that cannot be approved. Or the mythical San Silvestre Vallecana, with a meager checkpoint for its usual dimensions of 70 popular and a mutilated route. Last Sunday 3,000 runners took part in the Santander Norte vs Sur, which José España and Teresa Urbina won. This Sunday will be the Madrid runs through Madrid, with 5,000, and there will still be some highlights on the agenda.

One of them will be the EDP Rock & Roll Madrid Marathon, which also has medium distance and will be on the 26th. On December 31, as is tradition, the San Silvestre Vallecana will return.

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