Madrid Nuevo Norte seeks to attract talent with 60% subsidized housing in the Chamartín Business Center

will be the new city city ​​finance. It is what is known as the Chamartín Business Center within the Madrid Nuevo Norte project. An area that will not only concentrate a large part of the office buildings, but will also be the epicenter for attracting and retaining talent. How?

“Not only are we going to create avant-garde buildings, but we have to offer much more, such as spaces dedicated to culture, leisure, green spaces and housing,” he said. Alvaro Arestipresident of Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte during the III Symposium of the Mobility and Cities Observatory organized by EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia.

But it is that, in addition, the accessible housing will have a key weight. De Of the 10,500 homes to be built, 38% will be in the hands of the Madrid City Council. the consistory has already announced that it will allocate them to promote housing access policies through different formulas of protected rental or appraised price.

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In this chapter, and of those 10,500 homes, In the area of ​​the Chamartín Business Center, 2,600 will be built. Of that amount, and as Aresti indicated, “more than 60% will have public protection.” Admorea third of the parking spaces business center will be used for private transportation. The rest, for spaces of the last mile. And it is that reducing or eliminating loading and unloading is one of the issues in which also is currently working in Madrid New North.

Las urbanization works in Las Tablas They will begin in the first semester of 2024”, he announced. In advance in the event organized by this newspaper. For now, what has been implemented is the construction of the first piles that will support the coverage from the railway station to the south of the station from Madrid Chamartín-Clara Campoamor. On said covering, later, the future project central park.

knowledge center

With all these elements, what Madrid Nuevo Norte aspires to be is a center of economic activity and knowledge. The aim is none other than to compete with the main cities of the world in the race to attract investment and talent.

But he wants to do it with a different model from others that currently exist. An example is La Défense, in Paris. This business center, located to the west of the French capital, is a modern business district that attracts tourists for its innovative buildings. However, once it’s over business hours, the area is deserted.

What Madrid Nuevo Norte is going to create is a new concept different from that of La Défense and other similar spaces because that office area, which only works from 7 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, does not work. They turn into dead areas at night. And young talent is not attracted to this format, according to different reports.

Ewith other concept is that of a accessible and mixed-use center of economic activity. Because in it will coexist office spaces, residencethescommercial and cultural. That is, it will go from the traditional Central Business District (CBD) to the Affordable Mixed-use District (AMD), mixed and accessible spaces where people can live, work and play. Or, put another way, a city with life 24/7.

Recreation of the Central Park of Madrid Nuevo Norte

Accessible, because the model (apart from creating hundreds of thousands of jobs) complements con anda hyperconnected public transport network which starts, as a nerve center, from the Chamartin station and that will allow fast and efficient access to all citizens of the region. It is estimated that More than 5 million people will be able to reach this business center in Madrid Nuevo Norte in about 45 minutes.

“We aspire and ambition to give the best quality to citizenss not only as a nerve center, but also with a wide network of public transport as well as for cyclists and pedestrians. Next to the station we go to constrman an exchanger between the airport, the station, buses and metro. This would not have been possible without collaboration púpublicprivate”, highlighted Aresti in the event organized by this newspaper.

Y is that 80% of the trips in Madrid Nuevo Norte will be made by means of sustainable transport. and all the daily necessities will be found within a radius of less than 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle. Also, 90% of those who live or work in Madrid Nuevo Norte will have a high-capacity transport point (Metro or Cercanías) within a 10-minute walk.

According to a study prepared by the Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid Nuevo Norte will have an impact of 15,200 million euros on the national economyequivalent to 1.3% of current GDP, and 12,000 million in that of the Community of Madrid (5.2% of regional GDP).

Triple economic impact

In addition, it will meannos tax revenue of 5,868 million euros for public administrationss y the creation of 348,064 jobs. Without forgetting that the investment that will mobilize the set of urban actions over the next 25 years will rise to 25,197 million euros.

Of that amount, 11,069 million will be allocated to urban transformation works, including the purchase of land, to which 14,128 million will be added, which is estimated to come from real estate transactions.

Otro study, in this case from the Complutense University (through ICAE), indicates that each euro invested in construction and real estate development will generate triple the economic impact in the region. In other words, the more than 17,000 million euros planned in these areas will translate into around 52,000 million euros over at least the next 30 years.


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