Madrid auctions more than 2,000 lost objects: how to access the bid

The Madrid City Council puts up for auction more than 2,000 lost objects registered in the Lost Property Office and the Villa Warehouse from this Wednesday, October 5 until the next day 19. The auction takes place online through the web Retreat roomwhere very unique items and a great variety are offered.

In the auction you can find gold, silver and steel jewelry, brand name watches and sunglasses, costume jewelry, musical instruments, pens, furniture and many other objects that have been deposited in lost objects for a period of more than two years without their owners having removed them.

The auctioned pieces have been grouped by their typology in 729 lots, according to common characteristics that favor obtaining the best auction price. The starting price of the lots will be from two euros and the final amount obtained from its sale will be deposited in the Municipal Treasury to finance the expenses of the municipal budget.

Among the auctioned pieces, there are watches of different brands for a starting price from five euros to a Rolex of 1,500 euros; a gold and diamond bracelet, for 400 euros; an old Elizabethan ring in silver and diamonds, for 300 euros; Montblanc pens from 10 euros; a saxophone, for 60 or a drone, for 20 euros

88,000 objects deposited

In 2021, they were collected at the Office of Lost objects more than 40,000 objects, almost half of what was being stored in the pre-pandemic era. However, throughout this 2022, an upward trend is observed and the 43,000 objects collected in the first eight months of the year.

Among the 87,626 objects currently guarded by the office, there are purses, wallets, suitcases and briefcases, mobile phones and clothing. Also, they are stored musical instruments, pictures, pens, ballpoint pens, canes, crutches, shopping carts, baby seats, fishing rods, toys or watches.

The cash deposited that is not recovered by its owners or finders goes to the municipal coffers for the benefit of all Madrid residents. In 2021, almost 69,000 euros were entered and in the first eight months of this year, more than 34,000 euros.

When an object is delivered to the Lost Property Office It remains at the disposal of its owner for two years and if it is not picked up within this time, it becomes the property of the person who found it., known as a finder. If the latter does not remove it either, the object becomes municipal property. In this case, the best possible destination is sought, reusing it in the municipal services that require it, donating it if it does not have a market value or, if it does, auctioning it off.


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