Mad at the bank? Szoboszlai expresses himself completely differently than Silva

As became known after Leipzig’s 3-0 duel with Bochum, Dominik Szoboszlai was angry about his fate, having been sent to the bench first by coach Jesse Marsch. A clear announcement followed.

According to his own statement, he also plays 60 games if he has to: RB professional Dominik Szoboszlai.

imago images/Christian Schroedter

“Domi was a bit mad at me.” With this sentence, RB coach Jesse Marsch confirmed after the 3-0 win over VfL Bochum that his protégé Dominik Szoboszlai had not been very happy with beforehand, as did colleague André Silva on Saturday evening having to take a seat at the bank.

A short time later, that same Szoboszlai asked himself in an interview with “Sky” – and made it clear that he had been really angry: “I think everyone is a bit angry if they are not in the first eleven. I personally maybe even more than others because I want to play all the games. If there are 60 games in a year, then I want to play 60. I’m actually ready for all the games.”

“Of course you also need breaks, I was out for eight months myself last time,” recalled the Hungarian, who came from RB Salzburg in winter 2021 for 20 million euros, then remembered his recent period of suffering (protracted adductor problems).” However, Szoboszlai added again: “Nevertheless, and as I said: I want to play all the games!”

Silva is the opposite of Szoboszlai

While Szoboszlai served a clean corner shortly after his substitution, André Silva, who came on with him, not only made it 1-0 with a header from that corner kick, but then also very elegantly prepared Christopher Nkunku’s 2-0.

Was the 25-year-old Portuguese, who came from Eintracht Frankfurt for €23m earlier this season, upset when he had to go to the bench in place of Yussuf Poulsen for the third time in a row? Nobody talked about it – and the striker himself didn’t shed any light with his following and rather classic answer: “Of course I’m very happy with my goal and above all that I was able to help the team with the goal.”

Stay strong, we believe in you!

Jesse March to André Silva

Much more meaningful were the pictures of Leipzig’s US coach Marsch sprinting after Silva’s goal and hugging his protégé – and then talking in detail about his recent ordeal (last six competitive games without a goal involved): “It’s a bit of a shame, because André is such a good player and good person. I had a conversation with André today where I said to him: ‘Stay strong, we believe in you!’ The situation is certainly not easy for him and for us, but what is important is that he scores a goal like today.”

A goal that also helped the Saxons as a club: The second Bundesliga three in a row finally catapulted RB Leipzig back to the international ranks, which is at least the goal this season.


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