Machine Melvin, author HEYHEYHEY

In this film, filmed in a warehouse on the outskirts of Eindhoven, the alarm bell triggers a chain of events that opens umbrellas, spins paper windmills, lights a fire and releases a set of parachute toy animals. The Dutch design studio HEYHEYHEY originally designed a machine called Melvin during Dutch Design Week 2010, but reassembled an improved version a year later. Project authors: concept and art direction: HEYHEYHEY Designteam: HEYHEYHEY, Frank Winnubst, Bas van Hout, Bart Bekker, Jeroen Hezemans, Wouter Corvers, Bas van Raay, Kor Smeenge, The Cre8ion. Lab Director and Producer: HEYHEYHEY Steadicam cinematographer van Poppel Edited by: Sander van der Aa Music: Woody & Paul


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