“Mabiarfsh is driving” .. “Al-Sunbati” drove a burning diesel car away from a “gas station” in the lake (video)

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A video clip circulating on social media of a burning fuel refueling car in the village of Saft Al-Hurriya, affiliated to Itai Al-Baroud Center in Al-Buhaira Governorate, revealed the heroism of a people who show their metals in times of crisis.

The crisis revealed the hero Ramadan Al-Sunbati, the son of the village of Saft Al-Hurriya, who without thinking rode the car loaded with diesel while it was burning to get away from a fire at the petrol station and save his entire village from a devastating fire.

“Ramadan” drives away a burning car loaded with diesel while unloading its cargo with a “petrol station” in the lake

Major General Ahmed Arafat, Director of Lake Security, had received a notification from the Itai al-Baroud police station, of a fire at a gas station and a car loaded with diesel inside the “gas station” of Saft al-Hurriya village within the center.

Officers and civil protection forces moved to the scene, and it was found that the car caught fire while unloading its cargo into the car supply station. The civil protection forces pushed 8 cars to put out the fire, and the fire resulted in the burning of the car and a solar tank at the station, and there were no casualties as a result of the fire.

Egypt News Today: Ramadan Al-Sunbati saves the village of Saft Al-Hurriya in Itay El-Baroud

But the video of fleeing the burning car from the station revealed an extraordinary heroism, so Ramadan Al-Sunbati rode the car without hesitation, despite the attempts of those present to dissuade him from riding it and keep it away from the station.

Ramadan Al-Sunbati says: “I am not good at driving cars, and I only know how to drive a motorcycle that I am working on, and he did not think about driving a car in his life.”

The hero drove the burning diesel car from inside the “Saft Al-Hurriya Gas Station” and he did not know how to drive

The son of Itai Al-Baroud Center in the Buhaira governorate added, “The situation imposed itself, and in a moment all he wanted was to save the village from a devastating fire because the car was loaded with diesel, so he jumped into the car and drove it away from the village and quickly jumped from it before directing it towards the canal to fall into it. ».

Ibn Itai Gunpowder: One death is better than the death of all

Explaining his point of view on what he did, Al-Sunbati, the hero of the situation, says that only one death is better than the death of the villagers.

On the other hand, the people of Saft al-Hurriya village in the Itai al-Baroud center in the Buhaira governorate demanded that Ramadan al-Sunbati, the son of the village, be honored for his heroic role.

The strange thing in the circulating video is that all the people made way for the guerrilla to get out of the car, then some of them ran after him and followed him.

The people of Itai El-Baroud demand the honoring of Ramadan Al-Sunbati

The video clip spread widely on social networking sites, and occupied the most important news in Egypt today, and all the people of the village of Saft Al-Hurriya are talking about their hero son who saved the village from a very serious incident that could have led to great losses of lives and property, and they demand his honor.

“Al-Sunbati” drove a burning car loaded with diesel from a “gas station” in the lake.



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