M3GAN 2.0 – SNL

The movie trailer introduces the sequel to the murder doll M3GAN (Chloe Fineman), M3GAN 2.0 (Aubrey Plaza). Saturday evening …


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  1. Who started the gay obsession??? it wasn't gays, they didn't pay any more attention to this movie than whatever else is popular. This is some manufactured fake-ass trend. Can't believe gays are falling for it.
    I mean megan's a doll… pun intended, but there is nothing gay about her. I mean this is a rip off of Chuckie and the AI movie, you remember Haley Joel Osment? So wow, I can't believe this straight media manufactured stereotypical GAY OBSESSION??? Has gotten so far when it is total bull. This skit was good though, really well thought out.

  2. A funny sketch, sure. Yet the movie has philosophy, humor and whit which excels this hundred folds . .
    SNL could do better . . M3GAN exceeds expectations in a way that deserves more than this cheep crap !

  3. Iโ€™ve been watching and since 1976- This particular snl show starring Aubrey was really fantastic from start to end – thatโ€™s a rarity. This will go down as one of my fav of all time.

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