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M.Video with the support of EPAM expands the assortment due to integration with goods.ru

by drbyos

Moscow, Russia – May 4, 2021 – EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of services for the development of digital platforms and software, has implemented a project to modify the M.Video online platform and integrate it with the goods.ru marketplace. This made it possible to significantly expand the range of products presented on mvideo.ru, attract new customers and increase conversion.

The integration of goods from goods.ru into the M.Video catalog is implemented according to the white label principle: only those goods from the marketplace are presented on the retailer’s site that complement and expand its main assortment, first of all, these are household appliances and electronics and some related categories. During the project, the EPAM team developed a mechanism based on microservices that interact with the goods.ru aggregator and allow displaying product cards and placing an order for goods from the marketplace directly on the M.Video website.

The mvideo.ru website allows visitors to compare, choose and order goods in almost any region of Russia, where there are retail chain stores or self-pick-up points of its partners, 24×7. To maintain the stability of M.Video’s order execution and to supplement the site’s logic, taking into account the processing of marketplace goods, it was necessary to significantly change the architecture, which includes more than 10 different systems.

EPAM also refined the e-commerce platform and search service mvideo.ru. In particular, changes were made to various search pages of the site, the client’s personal account was modified, and core processes were deeply redesigned – the algorithms of the user’s basket and the ordering process, including the processing of balances, prices and availability of goods, taking into account the M.Video order pick-up network. and goods.ru.

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“Marketplace M.Video-Eldorado focuses on further expanding and deepening the range of household appliances and electronics and complementary goods and services, while the company maintains stock and work with it as the basis of its business model. A wider assortment allows us to optimize work with search queries, attract additional traffic and increase conversion, while at this stage we do not plan to create a universal multi-category marketplace. M.Video-Eldorado Group develops a marketplace both directly with large manufacturers and merchants, and through the goods.ru platform. Thanks to EPAM’s expertise in large-scale system architecture, its microservices and e-commerce expertise, we were able to quickly integrate. As a result, our range has more than doubled to 75,000 products in just a few months, and we plan to expand to 250,000 in the medium term. “, – noted the commercial director of the M.Video-Eldorado group Oleg Muraviev.

“From the very beginning, it was an ambitious project that required synchronous changes in a number of business processes and improvements to a large number of information systems. Despite the tight deadlines, the joint project team managed to qualitatively implement new functionality and confirm the operability of all business processes, including the current site logic, a new microservice platform and a search service in the cloud infrastructure. M.Video is one of our key customers, and we are happy to help the company become even more successful and competitive in the market. “, – emphasized Ilya Romanov, head of e-commerce in Russia, EPAM.


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