Luminar Neo: a new image processing solution for creatives


Skylum, publisher known for its Luminar 4 and Luminar AI software, which allows you to easily change the sky in an image, launches Luminar Neo. This editing solution is intended to be easy to use with many creative presets.

Skylum made a name for itself in the photo development world with Luminar 4, then Luminar AI. The former is development and cataloging software similar to Adobe’s Lightroom, while the latter is doped with algorithms and “artificial intelligence”. A year later, Skylum returns with Luminar Neo, a program that offers its know-how by adding new retouching tools for creatives, according to the company.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI

Luminar AI, a software for retouching photographs and images (post-processing) automated through the use of artificial intelligence, to make retouching accessible to everyone.

  • Version :
    Update 4
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  • Licence :
    Commercial license
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  • Operating system :

    Windows 10, macOS

Still powered by AI, but more flexible

Luminar Neo wants to be more flexible compared to the AI ​​version where everything is very automated. The application would also perform better on a larger number of machines, when Luminar AI requires a powerful computer. Thought for creatives, dixit Skylum, Luminar Neo embeds layer-based retouching tools, suggesting that it is trying to walk the flower beds of Photoshop rather than Lightroom.

© Skylum

In particular, it is possible to modify the arrangement of tools and layers. Regarding image processing, Luminar Neo allows easy replacement of backgrounds, almost with one click. Ditto, there are functions to correct the exposure of a scene or to remove defects in the image.

Pricing and availability

Skylum’s strategy is difficult to identify with the multiplication of tools, and the company is losing us a little more with Luminar 4, unavailable for purchase at the time of writing. We have contacted the publisher and will get back to you with more information.

© Skylum

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