Luis Rubiales: New video – players celebrate scandalous kiss on the bus | Sports

Luis Rubiales: New video – players celebrate scandalous kiss on the bus |  Sports

It’s been ten days since the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The scandal kiss from the Spanish association president Luis Rubiales to his world champion Jenni Hermoso (33) continues to cause discussions. A new video has now appeared.

What is in the clip on X (formerly Twitter)? The video shows Hermoso in the aisle between the seats of the team bus. She’s laughing, holding a phone in her left hand. She turns the mobile phone, holds the display towards the camera and shows what she sees.

The screen shows Rubiales kissing Hermoso’s mouth. To the left, as a comparison, an intimate kiss between Spain’s world champion Iker Casillas and his then partner and TV journalist Sara Carbonero after the 2010 World Cup title. A person on the bus also calls out: “Like Iker and Sara…” Hermoso looks at them Recordings again, then starts for a sip from the champagne bottle. Instead of drinking, she talks to her colleagues about the incident and explains the situation. The team then celebrates by shouting “World Champion” and “Kiss”.

Hours after this footage, the team stopped celebrating the kiss. All 23 world champions will resign afterwards, explaining: “After everything that has happened, we want to make it clear that all the players who have signed will not play in the national team if the current leadership team remains in office.”

Shortly after the World Cup scandal, Hermoso said, “I didn’t like that.”

Because Thomas just sat on the bench Suddenly it’s about Lisa Müller!

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Last Wednesday she made it clear: “We (Futpro union, in coordination with the TMJ agency, ed.Red.) are committed to ensuring that actions like those we have seen never go unpunished, that they are sanctioned and that exemplary measures are being taken to protect women footballers from actions that we consider unacceptable.” She later explained: “I felt vulnerable and the victim of an impulsive, sexist and inappropriate act that I did not consent to. Put simply, I wasn’t respected.”

Meanwhile, Rubiales has been suspended from all footballing activities at national and international level. His Mother went on a hunger strike.

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