Love hard Official trailer Netflix

A romantic comedy about the lies we tell about love. The unfortunate LA girl in love (Nina Dobrev) falls in love with a fleeing East Coast guy (Darren Barnet) in a dating app and …


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  1. They're both catfishing. He's lying about who he is on the outside to get her and she's lying about who she is on the inside to get the other dude. Both are pretending to be something they're not

  2. I love this unpredictable which of the two guys she would choose. I remember the Kdrama Start Up its about ghostwriting tho but the girl chose the guy who owned the name that was used in the letters not the real guy who wrote the letters ????

  3. This actually looks pretty good ,thought it was going to be another Crazy rich asians , which im still trying to figure out how it got a 90 plus % rotten tomato. Worst movie ever. Well, close to it.

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