Lourdes: the hotel La Solitude makes the buzz with its video on the backstage of the hotel industry to the sound of the summer hit

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Hotel La Solitude posted a video on Facebook, with its employees choreographing behind the scenes of the profession. In just over a week, 10,000 people watched it.

Around ten thousand views in just over a week… On the scale of a city like Lourdes, we can speak of “buzz” In a video of about two minutes, posted on Facebook, the teams of the hotel La Solitude sign their return to work, which is obviously done in a good mood … to the rhythm of the summer hit “Iko Iko”.

In choreographies chosen and developed by each, the different departments show “the daily life of the hotel industry”, explains Nicolas Viñuales, co-manager of the hotels of the same name, at the origin of this idea.
It must be said that it was necessary to mark the occasion this year: the hotel La Solitude had closed its doors in October 2019 and was not to reopen until June of this year … Before water damage pushes the party back to 5 July.

The takeover, a “challenge”

The recovery was therefore “a big challenge” which presented itself to the staff, and the video had to “testify” to it. Each department was therefore able to participate freely in the filming, which took place over about a week. The video was posted on September 1.
It was also a way for the management to “enhance” the qualities of the employees, whereas the establishment, like many others, encountered difficulties in recruiting “quality collaborators”. “The opportunity to show the” importance that they are there. “


With the “virality” of the clip, the hotel has received many marks of support from “neighbors, partners and even clients who have not been able to come for a long time and say they are missed”, says Nicolas Viñuales. He smiles: “It gives strength in a difficult time for tourism and activity, sometimes for morale. This encourages the efforts that we put in to start again. “
Balm to the heart that could perhaps even launch the teams of other hotels in the group on the trail of a similar video …

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