Lotto: player wins 4 times – this is his appeal to others

Win the lottery on Wednesday or the lottery on Saturday once in a lifetime: the dream of many people. Mike Luciano has bagged a total of four big wins. The icon image is from 2012.

Lottery madness: Mike Luciano (55) from Pennsylvania (USA) has succeeded in winning the lottery for the fourth time. The American raked in a total of $4.6 million.

Winning the lottery on Wednesday or the lottery on Saturday once in a lifetime: the dream of many people who tick their boxes on the winning ticket week after week. Thanks to a chance of winning well below zero percent, however, it usually remains unfulfilled. But not always.

Because: The American Mike Luciano (55) from Altoona (Pennsylvania/USA) has proven his luck in the game… And achieved something that seems almost impossible.

Lotto: American wins the lottery four times

He has won the lottery for the fourth time. This is reported, among other things, by the news site “Centre Daily Times“.

He scored his first win in 1999. Back then, he won $100,000. 17 years later he got his biggest win. At that time he took home three million dollars. Lottery win number three followed in 2020. $500,000 went to Luciano’s account.

And now it was the fourth time. The 55-year-old was happy to win a million dollars.

Bottom line: the American became richer by playing the lottery by a good four and a half million dollars (equivalent to about four million euros). What did he do with all that money? At least from profit number two he bought a bar in his hometown.

Wife of lottery winner: “He wins because he’s such a good person”

However, the saying “luck in the game, bad luck in love” does not seem to apply to Luciano. Wife Shelly at least raves about her husband: “He wins because he’s such a good person. He’s always helping others – and I think that’s why luck comes back.”

The lucky man himself is much more modest and warns: “I am convinced that nobody wins that often without playing more than they should. People shouldn’t do what I do. I don’t want them to think that just because it happens to me they’re going to win too.”


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