Lotteries call their first demonstration in Madrid

Managers of Lottery administrations from all over Spain have called for the first manifestation of the Lottery sector for September 22, which will be held in Madrid to ask for an increase in the commissions they receive for their work.

This mobilization, promoted from Seville by the group Wednesdays in the sun, wants to make visible “the important malaise” of the union with Lotteries and State Betting, as sources from the organizing group have explained to EFE.

Every Wednesday they gather from 12:00 to 13:00 in front of the central Delegation of Finance in Seville to denounce “the precarious economic situation in which many of these businesses find themselves.”

Commission review

This initiative “penetrated the rest of Spain”, so that a large demonstration began to be forged for September 22 in Madrid, in which comprehensive and mixed establishments from all over Spain will be united to obtain the review of the commissions , which have been frozen for 17 years.

This is the first demonstration in history that brings together the entire group and that has the support of various associations in the sector, with the premise that the group “is not subject to any political acronyms nor is it part of any of the associations. of the sector, although it is open to receive support from anyone “, they have explained from the group.

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