Lose weight with this new weight loss course? My experiences

Lose weight with this new weight loss course?  My experiences
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Von: Philipp Mosthaf

How can I lose weight in the long term and sustainably? Our editor Philipp Mosthaf dared to try it on himself and tested a different kind of weight loss course. The result surprises!

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And every year the groundhog says hello! The resolutions in the new year are always the same: live healthier, do more sporting activities or lose weight of course. No wonder that at the beginning of a new year, the demand for weight loss programs and enrollments in the gyms increase. But the motivation is usually short-lived. The reasons are different, the consequences are well known: the initial weight is soon reached again – keyword yo-yo effect – when you look in the mirror you don’t feel so good anymore. So what to do? Now there is a special kind of weight loss course. I tried it on myself – with surprising results.

What is the “21 Day Kickstart Weight Goal”?

Germany’s most famous Ayurveda doctor Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer has developed a weight loss course to lose weight sustainably and stay slim in the long term. The formula for success: With “21-day kickstart desired weight” attention is not only paid to physical hunger, but also to mental hunger. For this, the Ayurveda guru brought the qualified psychologist Sepideh Ravahi on board.

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How is the weight loss program structured?

This weight loss course differs from other programs in that you don’t have to do without anything. Of course we should eat more consciously in the 21 days and – if possible – avoid animal products. You can find out what else you should pay attention to here:

  • The weight loss program is based on the Ayurvedic principle. At the beginning there is a test to determine the respective body type. The experts then develop a nutrition plan based on the body type, the so-called nutrition compass. This provides certain rules and a certain orientation. The three pillars for lasting weight loss success are: What do I eat? When do I eat? How efficient is my metabolism?
  • Intermittent fasting has a lot of advantages and the Ayurvedic health strategy also swears by it: Instead of a hearty breakfast, there is a glass of warm lemon water (0.5 l) with honey. This should immediately boost the metabolism. Lemon water is also one of the top 3 drinks for losing weight.
  • There is also a glass of hot water every hour. This keeps the stomach moving and the water helps to flush out waste products. Instead of water, the experts also recommend Ayurvedic teas. Ginger tea can also help with weight loss, but it must be prepared correctly.
  • Before lunch, there is a lassi to set the feeling of satiety and a slice of ginger with lemon and salt. Lassi is an Indian yoghurt drink that is said to have a health-promoting effect on the intestines.
  • Love coffee? Drink your cappuccino right after lunch. Otherwise, you should avoid coffee as much as possible.
  • Very important: No snacks in the afternoon! The day consists of two meals. This gives the gastrointestinal tract enough time to digest the food.
  • In the evening there is a light dinner. For example a vegetable stew or a soup. It is important that they feel full.
  • Don’t worry, you don’t have to exercise every day. At the beginning of the “21-day kickstart desired weight” weight loss program, a power walk of ten minutes per day is sufficient. This will gradually increase to 30 minutes over the course of the three weeks. Not more! Our editors have put together more tips to stimulate the metabolism.
  • The special feature: the two experts provide you with valuable tips and information every day. For example, I learn what to do when the cravings come. The content is presented in videos that are clear and easy to understand.

Lose weight for the long term – start now

Ayurveda: The three body types and their properties

What experiences have I had with the weight loss program?

I felt very quickly that intermittent fasting is not that difficult. In fact, the warm lemon water in the morning and the hot water every hour helps to fill the stomach so that you don’t feel hungry. Big advantage: In contrast to other diets, I don’t have to count points or calories. That makes a lot of things easier.

However, it became difficult at lunch, which I reported regularly in my weight loss diary. At “21-Day Kickstart Desired Weight” great value is placed on fresh food. Unfortunately, this is not easily possible in a full-time job. Because the microwave is taboo and the vegetables should be cooked al dente. Unfortunately, that also means: I can’t prepare any food! If you work in a big city like Munich, you have a lot of options during your lunch break. But in rural areas or in industrial areas it becomes more difficult.

In the beginning, the biggest challenge was actually with the sweets. In the first few days, I found it very difficult to give up chocolate in the afternoon or in the evening. Absolute discipline is required here – which pays off later. Otherwise I didn’t really have to adjust my daily routine, an hour of jogging or a gym was also possible.

The result: How do I feel after three weeks?

In fact, within just a few days, I felt progress. No matter how restless or short the night was, after warm lemon water I could start the day energetically. However, the afternoon was remarkable: By not eating sweets, there was no afternoon slump at all, so I could power through. Even the break of several hours before dinner was mostly no problem.

The before and after comparison shows: The waist circumference has decreased, the fat on the sides has reduced. © Private

My health is also better. If in the past I had to fight again and again with stomach and intestinal problems as well as heartburn, these problems are no longer there. I attribute this mainly to the sweets, which were probably responsible for a lot.

Finally live healthy and lose weight sustainably

After a few days, when I looked in the mirror, I felt that my belly had gotten a little smaller and my upper body looked a little more defined. How to defuse the ticking time bomb of belly fat, Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer betrayed. Lo and behold: After three weeks, the weight loss is almost two kilos (from 88.2 to 86.4 kg). It could be even more as I went to my GP for a check up prior to the course. If I take this weight, then it’s even four kilos that I’ve lost. That’s something to be proud of and I’m very satisfied.

I usually only see such values ​​in vegans. Maybe 20 to 30 percent of people have these numbers. You can be really proud.

However, my family doctor and I were amazed at my cholesterol levels, which were quite high and sometimes well above the normal range. Lo and behold, I was able to lower my levels by over 50 percent in some cases. My doctor couldn’t believe his eyes.

284 mg/dl 191 mg/dl
173 mg/dl 103 mg/dl
300 mg/dl 134 mg/dl

These values ​​surprise me too. I see for myself that a healthy lifestyle is definitely possible with a conscious diet.

Get started now – your way to your desired weight

What do I take away from the weight loss program?

The results make me happy and highly satisfied. The 21-Day Kickstart Weight Loss Program shows that you don’t have to be on a hard diet to lose weight and be healthier. Small animals make crap too! In the future, I’ll try to largely skip the sugary treats and avoid breakfast in the morning, as it works very well with intermittent fasting. But even with intermittent fasting, not everything is allowed. There are five common mistakes that make intermittent fasting a failure. I also try to have a glass of hot water every hour.

Hence my recommendation: Start today to reach your desired weight!


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