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Everything counts. For a decade, it is no longer worth planting an exclusive design made to measure by the best needle in haute couture. When you go to an awards ceremony, you also have to take care of your beauty look with millimeter precision. Hairdressing and makeup determine the success of the staging and they are responsible for us to remember an outfit forever or classify it as excessive or bland. After an end of summer full of film festivals, the Emmy Awards become the closest version of the red carpet – understand closely as the dresses worn by actresses do not have space to be filled with queues of several meters.

Mady Moore wore one of the trending hairstyles of the 2021 Emmys, the curtain bangs with ponytail. (Getty)

Although in this edition of the Emmy Awards, moderation has become the trend followed by female assistants, as far as the beauty scene is concerned, we can identify some clear trends. We have not seen very bold or marked makeup, beyond the ubiquitous eyelash extensions or straight hairpieces, the smoky eyes in bronze tones or the perfect matte red lipstick of Kerry Washington, which, yes, is one of the clear beauty trends of the remainder of the year.

Detail of Kate Winslet’s interwoven roots at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

The return of the roots

Be careful, we are not talking about the roots in the Madonna style. That precovid fashion that never came to fruition in street style, has become a more affordable and remarkably comfortable fashion. Both the winner, Kate Winslet, which wore a low and tensionless bun, revealing interwoven strands with a very natural root centimeter, until Sarah Paulson. The latter, made it clear that her coloring was not a lack of time but a intentional aesthetic bet by showing off perfect ‘face framing’ highlights that did come from the roots, and the rest of the hair with a couple of centimeters of dark roots.

Detail of Sarah Paulson’s roots at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

The trend also appealed to a younger sector, and the example was Annie Murphy. The actress and singer marked much more the difference between the tone of her natural root and the rest of her blonde hair. It incorporated into the look the regulation trend bangs, open at the sides in the Bardot style.

Annie Murphy, en los Emmy 2021. (Getty)

Acrylic manicure hit the red capet

Age or style does not matter when it comes to manicures, and if the national salons have become a place of communion where different generations catch up on nail trends, the same thing happens in Hollywood. Not only Rosalía and Kylie Jenner are ambassadors of acrylic manicure.

Taraji P. Henson’s manicure at the 2021 Emmys (Reuters)

Taraji P. Henson with its pointed designs enameled in burgundy or MJ Rodriguez With a similar design but in the milky nails style, they turned their manicures into authentic claws that finished off their looks.

MJ Rodriguez, at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

However, perhaps the most impressive and commented manicure was that of the newcomer Emma Corrin. The actress in charge of giving life to the young Diana of Wales in ‘The Crown’ completely broke with her naive aesthetic in fiction, for a futuristic look in which her pointy nails XXL in shiny black enamel they became hypnotic.

Detail of Emma Corrin’s manicure at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

We will continue to wear bangs

The trend of flequillo curtain and its variants continues to sweep the celeb scene and the guests at the Emmy Awards have shown that there are as many interpretations and ways to wear it as you want. Maybe the fringe of Kaley Cuoco has been the most referenced. Undoubtedly inspired by Margot Robbie’s impeccable look at the Oscars 2021, the low ponytail with bangs, tousled and slightly wavy, is one of those unexpected but effective beauty looks of the year.

Kaley Cuoco, at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

The key to success is in the bangs that must exceed the eyes, remain ajar and be supported by the tufts corresponding to the sideburns, to give more shape to the hairstyle. The good thing is that you don’t need to cut your bangs, you can always try one that is removable.

Tracee Ellis Ross, en los Emmy 2021. (Getty)

At the 2021 Emmys we have also seen the bangs for curly hair, choppy type, shorter and with more volume, but ‘seventies’ flattering. The stylish Tracee Ellis Ross accompanies him with her voluminous medium hair, just like Greta Ferro or Rocío Muñoz.

Juno Temple’s 2000 look at the 2021 Emmys. (Getty)

Enthralled by the Y2K aesthetic, the actress Juno Temple She left behind the curly hair with which she rose to fame, straightened her hair and tied it up with a pearl barrette in a very high ponytail and placing the bangs completely to one side. Volume and retro character landed on the red carpet with styles typical of the 2000s, with more or less success. The trends are clear, their interpretation is the tricky part.


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