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Los Angeles: hostage-taker threatens woman for hours in her apartment

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25. November 2021 – 22:58 clock

Survived hours of ordeal in Los Angeles

The police officers’ bodycam recordings are difficult to bear: heavily armed special forces break into an apartment in Los Angeles, shots are fired, a woman screams in panic and is taken away by the officers. An armed stranger broke into her apartment and held her hostage and threatened her for several hours. “My cat, my cat,” Hailey shouts desperately when she is finally rescued from the attacker by the police.

Los Angeles: hostage takers fled the police in the apartment building

A friend of the young woman describes in a call to “gofundme.com” what is said to have happened in the apartment. Hailey, or Halo as she is affectionately known by friends, was at home with her nine-month-old kitten when she was suddenly threatened with a gun by a man. The incident occurred on October 8th. But now the police have released the video recordings so that the public can get a better picture of it.

According to the police, the 45-year-old Rudy A. is said to have held his gun to the head of a victim and pulled the trigger. However, when no shot was fired, the man fled on foot, tried to steal a bicycle and a car and shot a teenager on the way. He also aimed, but not hit, the boy’s mother and uncle. Then A. ran into the apartment building on the run from the police and took Hailey hostage.

LAPD storms the apartment and saves Hailey

For the young woman from Los Angeles, hours of fear began. According to her friend, the attacker is said to have forced her to barricade with him in the apartment. The man took drugs and became unpredictable, writes the victim’s girlfriend at “gofundme.com”. Hailey even tried to talk to her hostage taker and pray, but he used the woman as a human shield.

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The dramatic scenes in the apartment can be seen in video recordings of the residents across the street: the attacker held the gun to Hailey’s head and threatened to shoot her. Then the police decided to put an end to the hostage drama. Heavily armed and armored police officers stormed the apartment, tore the 45-year-old to the ground and freed the young woman. Rudy A. was shot dead by the police during the access. Hailey was rescued unharmed.

The hostage victim has now also been thrown from her apartment

But that didn’t stop Hailey’s nightmare. According to her friend, the young woman’s landlord quit after the hostage-taking – because of the “drama and the unrest” in the house, he no longer wants to let Hailey live with him. The student now not only has to cope with the psychological consequences of her experiences, but also has to find a new apartment and move.

Her friend therefore started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Hailey, which she can use to pay for the move and therapy. So that the young woman no longer has to worry so much, at least financially, because she has not been able to go back to work since the deed. “Halo is a trauma survivor who tries to keep her head above water and take care of herself and her kitten,” says gofundme.com.

Hailey’s cat survived the hostage situation unharmed

Because at least the kitten that Hailey screamed for in the police video survived unscathed. According to the friend, the animal had escaped from the apartment in all the chaos. Friends of the young woman, who stood in front of the building in horror and waited for news, found the animal. In the meantime, the house tiger and its owner are reunited. (jgr)

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