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Loose Change – An American Coup (110 min.)

by drbyos

Loose Change – An American Coup Original title: Loose Change – An American Coup Length: 110 minutes This edition of the successful documentary Loose Change first describes drastic and terrible events that changed world history – from the Reichstag fire in 1933, which Hitler used as a pretext for the introduction of the Dictatorship in Germany, until the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, which triggered the Vietnam War – and then takes the audience on an unbelievable journey to various momentous events in history, finally to deal intensively with the worst catastrophe of recent times – The September 11, 2001 disaster. This documentary offers important new material and a wide range of previously unknown evidence. He presents interesting interviews with people like Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who discovered unexploded explosives in dust samples taken from Ground Zero. Eight years after the disaster, the world is still suffering from the aftermath of September 11th. Was this terrible incident caused by a power elite? If so, then the legitimate question arises as to what will happen next. And above all: what can we do to prevent another catastrophe? This film is an alarming wake up call to action. Further documentation on the subject can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nebelcc I would also like to draw your attention to a very interesting e-book that deals in detail with the topic of 9/11. http://www.nebel.cc/Geheimakte911.pdf It is a descriptive summary of various films, websites and books and presents facts that are inadequate or even inadequate in the official “9/11 Commission Report” of the investigative commission on September 11, 2001 find no mention. NebelCC

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