London – They call on the Queen to return the royal lands to their wild state


A hundred children and teenagers filed a petition in Buckingham on Saturday asking Elizabeth II to “rewild” the 300,000 hectares she owns in the United Kingdom.

A hundred young people demonstrated on Saturday in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace in London to deliver a petition comprising 100,000 signatures asking Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family to “rewild” their land.

With British naturalist and presenter Chris Packham, children and adolescents took a short walk from Green Park to the nearby palace in the heart of the British capital, armed with pink or green flags.

“The royal family has an incredible opportunity, because its members own so much land, to set an example by rescuing them,” said Noah Macaulay, 16, co-founder of the SOS from the kids choir, who sang at the event. the march and will do so at the COP26 which opens in less than a month in Glasgow (Scotland). “They could really, really help nature and biodiversity,” he said.

Longtime conservationist Chris Packam, 60, expressed regret, saying he “failed to act quickly and broadly enough to prevent the crisis we are in now.”

In what he called the “most harmonious, beautiful and peaceful manifestation” in which he had participated in a long time, he urged the royal family to “rewild” his land, which he said represents more than 300 ‘ 000 hectares.

Young climate activists demonstrated in London on Saturday ahead of COP26 to be held in Glasgow from November 1.


“Rewilding” consists of letting the biodiversity of natural environments rebuild, without human intervention.

According to the Wild Card association, the Windsors hold 1.4% of the UK’s surface area.

Highlighting the royal family’s long-standing commitment to the environment, a spokesperson for the royal estates stressed that these “are constantly evolving and seeking new ways to improve biodiversity, conservation and public access to green spaces ”.



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