Lokillo kisses Jessica Cediel and describes how she felt

Lokillo, one of the most recognized imitators in the national show business, stole the attention of his loyal followers on social networks after carrying out a particular dynamic of questions and answers, in which he interacted with onlookers and Instagram users. The Colombian has stood out for his talent for recreating voices and styles of different characters.

Comedian Yédinson Ned Flórez, the celebrity’s first name, stole the applause and praise of some of his fans after he made his debut on the big screen and in the film industry with his participation in the film ‘My Other Me’. This project, which is his own, featured the performance of Carla Giraldo, Shirly Gómez, Luz Estella Luengas, Ana María Sánchez, Conny Hernández and Jessica Cediel.

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The last named was the protagonist of a hot and spicy scene, where he interacted with the character of Lokillo and they gave each other a passionate kiss. This interaction caused reactions among users of digital platforms, who pointed out that The two had a lot of chemistry and it was reflected in the movie.

As a result of this filming, in the question session a person was interested to know how the kiss with the Colombian presenter had been, to which Lokillo got a bit of grace.

Chimba the kiss with Jessica or what?”The person wrote in the question box.

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The kiss with Jessica? I’m going to describe what that kiss was with Jessica Cediel“The impersonator began by saying, while biting his lower lip and making a funny face.

Horrible, terrible, gas, I never want to shoot a movie with her again“He added, making a gesture of unexpected seriousness.



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