Living Up to Our Desires – Trailer – 2016

Synopsis At the stroke of midnight, on December 31, a big doe kick opens access to a new place, to new possibilities for five squatters. In 48 hours, they can no longer be deported without a court decision and weeks of delay. In the meantime, they occupy. -2016- Technical sheet Genre: fiction Duration: 73 minutes Language: French Image: Color Shooting format: HD 1080p Broadcast format: DCP, Blu-Ray, digital file, DVD, BetaSP Ratio: 1.77 24 images / second Sound: stereo Country of production: France Completion date: February 2016 Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA Credits Production: SYNAPS Collectif Audiovisuel, Art’Issa Director: Yannick Gallepie 1st assistant director – Mélanie Dubost Director of actors – Alexina Director of Photography – Pauline Fort 1st camera assistant – Marie Mounier Stage manager – Agathe Lechantre Deco / construct / painter – Phil Zislin Color grading – Magali Marc Editing and sound mixing – Paul Maillardet, at Studio Cita del Rock (Sisteron) Original music – ” Cendresmiels ”by Nils Toby Distribution – Caro, Florian, Clara, Elsa and OreO Distribution / press contact Synaps Collectif Audiovisuel 18 rue Henri Barbusse 94110 Arcueil – France alahauteur at


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