LIVE – War in Ukraine: France will propose a ceasefire resolution to the UN

On the eighth day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the bombardments and fighting continue. Russian troops, which seized the southern city of Kherson on Wednesday, are concentrating their efforts on Kharkiv, the country’s second city, in the north, and Mariupol, on the shores of the Black Sea, whose capture would allow to operate the junction between the forces coming from Crimea and those coming from the separatist territories of the Donbass.

While the number of refugees who have fled Ukraine now exceeds one million, new talks are to be held this Thursday, in particular to discuss a “ceasefire”. The UN officially counts 227 civilians killed and 525 injured since the start of the invasion, but believes that the true toll is “considerably” higher.

The main information to know:

> More than a million refugees have fled Ukraine, according to the UN

> Capture of Kherson by Russian troops is confirmed

> A ceasefire on the menu of the next talks

>>> Find the highlights of this Thursday, March 3

> Refugees: London will set up a “kind of consulate” in Calais, announces Darmanin

The Minister of the Interior claimed to have obtained the agreement of his counterpart Priti Patel to install “a kind of consulate in Calais”, with the dispatch of a British consular agent on the spot, to facilitate the issuance of visas. Paris had asked London on Tuesday to relax its conditions for granting visas to Ukrainian refugees, fearing a blockage of families in the North of France without a solution. France pointed in particular to “an administrative heaviness” because the sesames were not delivered on the spot but only in their consulates and embassies.

> Toyota to suspend production in Russia

The Japanese global auto giant announced the suspension “until further notice” of its production in Russia from Friday, as well as its imports into the country. citing “supply chain disruptions” linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Its Saint Petersburg plant produced 80,000 vehicles last year, mainly for the local market, and employs “around 2,600 people”.

> Societe Generale evokes a scenario of loss of control of its Russian subsidiary

The French bank Societe Generale assured to be “fully able to absorb the consequences of a possible extreme scenario which would affect the rights of ownership over its banking assets in Russia”, in a press release on Thursday.

The group is present in Russia via its subsidiary Rosbank, whose activities represented in 2021 2.8% of its total net banking income (equivalent to turnover) and 2.7% of net income.

> France recommends that its nationals leave Russia

“It is strongly recommended to French nationals, whose presence and that of their family is not essential in Russia, to make arrangements to leave the country by the still existing links”, writes the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its advice to travelers available on the Internet.

Calling on the French residing or present in Russia to “reinforced vigilance”, he recalls that “travel from or to Russia is hampered by the closure of the airspace between Russia and the Member States of the European Union European”.

> Germany to deliver 2,700 additional anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

The government “has approved additional support for Ukraine”, according to a German government source, speaking of Soviet-made STRELA-type missiles, which come from the stocks of the army of the former communist East Germany, integrated into the national army following German reunification in 1990.

> Technip will stop looking for contracts in Russia

Russia represents almost a quarter of the company’s activity, with orders recorded of 3.8 billion euros. “The potential financial impact of the crisis on our company is contained”, however assured Arnaud Piéton, the managing director.

Technip is notably one of the main manufacturers of the Arctic LNG 2 site, a gigantic gas liquefaction plant in Siberia. This project is operated by the Russian Novatek, in partnership with TotalEnergies.

> France will propose a resolution on a ceasefire

This proposal will be proposed this Thursday, said the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, guest on France 2. “The starting point (of the negotiations, editor’s note) is the ceasefire”, has he again reaffirmed.

“It is imperative to impose a ceasefire […] at least a humanitarian ceasefire,” the Minister further indicated. “We do not negotiate under terror”, he explained, regretting that Russia is “in the process of isolating itself completely from the world […] and no one believes in his word”.

> The aircraft rental conundrum

After the long suspension of Boeing 737 MAX flights, then the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the major commercial aircraft lessors are facing their third consecutive crisis in three years.

The major commercial aircraft lessors have barely a month to recover more than 500 aircraft in circulation among the various Russian airlines. An operational puzzle in a climate of sanctions.

> One million refugees fled Ukraine in one week

“In just seven days, we have witnessed the exodus of one million refugees from Ukraine to neighboring countries,” said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Italian, on Twitter on Thursday. Filippo Grandi. “For millions more inside Ukraine, it is time for the guns to be silenced so that humanitarian assistance can arrive and save lives,” he urged.

The vast majority of these refugees fled to Poland. Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania are also affected by the exodus of Ukrainians.

> Ukrainian officials confirm the capture of Kherson by the Russians

The day after Russia announced the capture of Kherson, a large city in the south of the country, the Ukrainian head of the regional administration, Gennady Lakhuta, confirmed on Telegram that “the (Russian) occupiers are in all the neighborhoods of the city and are very dangerous”. The mayor of this city of 290,000 inhabitants, Igor Kolykhayev, said he had discussed with “armed guests”, implying, without naming them, Russian troops.

> The OSCE announces the death of a member of its local mission in Kharkiv

A Ukrainian member of the local mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) died Tuesday during the bombing of Kharkiv by Russian forces, the international body announced on Wednesday evening. “Maryna Fenina died on March 1”, when “she was going to get supplies for her family in a city that has become a war zone”, says the organization on its website.

> Zelensky congratulates himself on having foiled the Russian plans

“We are a nation that broke the enemy’s plans in a week. Plans written for years: sneaky, full of hatred for our country, our people,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video posted on Telegram. He said he was proud of Ukraine’s “heroic” resistance.

> Spotify closes its offices in Russia and withdraws content

The streaming music giant announced on Wednesday the closure of its offices in Russia and the removal of Russian state-sponsored content from its site. This decision is a response to the “unprovoked attack on Ukraine”.

The streaming site says it has reviewed “thousands of podcast episodes since the start of the war” and limited the ability to find podcasts owned or operated by Russian state-linked media. Spotify said it had removed all content from RT and Sputnik media in the European Union and other markets earlier this week.

> The International Criminal Court examines possible war crimes

“I have just informed the Presidency of the ICC of my decision to immediately open an investigation into the situation” in Ukraine, said in a press release the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court, the Briton Karim Khan.

“Our evidence gathering work has begun. This independent international tribunal, however, is not competent to reach individuals on Russian territory.

> The number of civilians killed rises to 227, according to the UN

The United Nations Human Rights Office says it can confirm that 227 civilians have been killed and 525 injured in Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive – data as of March 1 evening . In a statement from Geneva, however, he said the true toll was “significantly” higher, citing delays in getting information back from the areas where the fighting is heaviest.

“Already, the human cost of the Kremlin’s wanton and wanton war is staggering. Hundreds if not thousands of civilians have been killed and injured,” the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, lamented during a press conference. “The number of civilians killed and injured, the humanitarian consequences, will only worsen in the days to come. »

> Spain announces the sending of “offensive military equipment” to the “Ukrainian resistance”

“As I see that there are (political) groups that question the government’s commitment” to participate in military aid to Ukraine, “I also want to announce to you that Spain will deliver military equipment offensive to Ukrainian resistance,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez told the Chamber of Deputies.

> “We stand alongside Ukraine”, underlined Emmanuel Macron

In a speech on Wednesday evening, the head of state castigated Vladimir Putin’s “lies” and recalled France’s support for Ukraine, but did not hide that the French will be affected in their daily lives. He promised an economic and social resilience plan, and gave assurances on the amplification of the defense budget.

> H&M suspends all sales in Russia

Swedish clothing giant Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) has announced that it is halting all sales in its Russian stores due to the war in Ukraine. The company said it was “deeply concerned by the tragic developments in Ukraine” and said it “stands in solidarity with all those who are suffering”.

> Putin’s ‘provocative rhetoric’ on nuclear weapons is ‘the height of irresponsibility’

The head of American diplomacy denounced the “provocative rhetoric” of the Russian president about nuclear weapons, “a pinnacle of irresponsibility” according to him. Such rhetoric “is dangerous, adds to the risk of confusion and must be avoided,” said Antony Blinken during a press conference.


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