live poker | Grand Casino Aš: Dragos Bounegru wins the Friday 7k

Victory in the €61 + 9 Friday 7k at Grand Casino Aš went to Romanian Dragos Bounegru after a heads-up deal.

Like every Friday, the table started with 20,000 chips and 20 minutes of levels, with prize money of €7,000 guaranteed. 70 participants and 42 re-entries were just not enough to reach the prize money guarantee and the €7,000 was distributed among the top 11 places without any further deductions. There was still a small €157 as min-cash, the prize money itself was not fully played out. In the heads-up there was a deal that ultimately gave Dragos Bounegru the win for €1,950, while Leoni 21 took home €1,500 as the best German.

The € 53 + 7 Mega Stack is on the agenda again tonight, 100,000 chips and 15 minutes of levels ensure action.

All information about the complete poker offer in the GCA can be found on the Facebook page GCA Poker or in the Facebook Group. On the website you will also be kept up to date.

Rang Name (Nation prize money
1. Bounegru Dragos (ROU) 1.950 €
2. Leoni 21 (GER) 1.500 €
3. Kikincho (CRO) 945 €
4. Cascasi Domenico (ITA) 630 €
5. Mates (CZE) 507 €
6. Hofmann Pascal (GER) 402 €
7. Mister Chess (TUR) 315 €
8. Ice Bear (GER) 245 €
9. Kofi Jr. (GER) 192 €
10. Dellit Joerg (GER) 157 €
11. Fred (GER) 157 €

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