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Live music for retirement homes in Betzdorf, Wissen and Hamm

by drbyos

News from April 22nd, 2021

At the moment, ?? SWR4 Rheinland-Pfalz ?? Live music in the courtyards of various retirement homes in the country. In front of the windows there is a small concert with hits and classics. The residents of the old people’s centers in Betzdorf, Wissen and Hamm could currently look forward to the performances.

A team from SWR4 offered live concerts in front of several old people’s centers in the Altenkirchen district. (Photos: SWR)

Region. In the Altenkirchen district, on Wednesday, April 21, the radio station visited the Marien-Altenzentrum St. Josef in Wissen and the St. Josef Seniors Center and in Hamm (Sieg) the Evangelical Altenzentrum? Friedrich-Wilhelm Raiffeisen ?? In front of the facilities there was an entertaining hit concert for the residents with SWR employee Marion Wallendorf. When the weather was nice, she brought her audience with songs like? A beautiful day ??, ?? But you only exist once for me ?? and ?? tulips from Amsterdam ?? also musically the spring in front of the house. (PM)

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