LIVE European Volleyball Championship: Bulgaria


The Bulgarian national volleyball team goes out for its last match of the group stage of the European Volleyball Championship. He will be against the seemingly far more unpretentious team of Belarus. The clash in the Czech city of Ostrava will start at 17:00 Bulgarian time and you will be able to follow it LIVE in



The beginning of the match was not encouraging at all, as the reception was hesitant and Belarus with several counterattacks managed to make 4 points difference – 1: 4. However, the “lions” mobilized and with several good attacks by Sokolov and Skrimov came to a draw at 6: 6, and the defeat of Belarus was stopped by Miskevich – 6: 7, and after an excellent ace of Grozdanov and a block of Martin Atanasov Bulgaria led 9: 7.

Despite the timeout of the opponent, Bulgaria continued to lower point after point, as Atanasov was again at the core with a good attack and another perfect block – 11: 7.

The rush in the Bulgarian camp continued in the next minutes, and finally in the tournament Tsvetan Sokolov played in service, as with several good plays on the diagonal from the initial blow the difference swelled to 19:12.

The big difference in the game, however, came from the reception, as 73% was the perfect reception of the “lions” and over 85% “positive”. Seganov was also diverse, who played excellently Todor Skrimov from zone 4, but did not miss comfortable attacks through the center, as well as regular passes to Tsvetan Sokolov. At 22:13 another ace strung Todor Skrimov, who with 116 km / h sent the ball right on the line. In the next point he repeated the performance, recording the 2nd consecutive ace and a total of 3rd in the match. In the next kick, he bet on a short serve and recorded a new direct point from the kick – 24:13. Belarus finally made a good welcome, but Daviskiva’s attack went out – 25:13.


Todor Skrimov’s serve continued to be very accurate in the second set, as with two new aces on his account he secured an advance of 2 points for the start of the part – 5: 3, and then 6: 3 after a mistake from the initial blow of Belarus. .

The players of the opponent definitely became disillusioned as a result of the strong initial blow of Bulgaria. Belarus is very weak in defense and had many problems with the blockade, as in attack, although not the best passes, Skrimov and Sokolov easily found a way to end the attacks with a point – 14: 9 for the “lions”.

There was a slight exchange of points, in which Bulgaria constantly led by 5-6 points. At 16:10 the “lions” could lead again with 7, but Seganov directed a bad ball to Atanasov and he was stopped by the block.

21:13 happened after a great attack from a pipe by Todor Skrimov, who distinguished himself as the most important player for Bulgaria in both games so far. The 22nd point was scored by Niki Kolev, who attacked through the center – one of the rare passes to the centers today. At 24:16 Bulgaria missed two chances to close the game, but still with an attack through zone 2 of Sokolov the national team took the set with 25:18.


Belarus started the third part with a bang, as the opponent started with 3 unanswered points, including with an ace of Tsiuskevich – the second distributor of Belarus. The game continued point by point, which in this case worked in favor of the opponent, as the new distributor in a game for Belarus played regularly with the centers – a trick that confused the blockade of Bulgaria – 5: 8.

Todor Skrimov returned to service at 6: 8 and immediately recorded an ace, although with the help of the net – 7: 8, but at the next point there was no luck – 8: 8 after a powerful attack in zone 1, and it was a total of 7- and a point for the receiver from the initial kick.

From that moment on, the tie lasted a long time with good performances in attack on both sides of the field. Bulgaria regained the lead after an outing by Babkevich, who, however, retaliated perfectly with an excellent shot through a triple block – 14:14. With two consecutive mistakes of Deviskiba, Bulgaria took the lead with 17:14, but immediately two consecutive mistakes were made by our camp, including an attack by Skrimov through zone 6, as he crossed the net – 18:16.

However, 4 consecutive points were scored by the Belarusians in the next minutes. Deviskiba made a very strong series of serves, while at the same time several controversial passes from Seganov cost invaluable points for Bulgaria – 18:20 and a chance for Belarus to return to the match. Martin Atanasov reduced the gap to 20:21 with an attack through zone 2, but then Masko scored strongly in zone 5 – 20:22. With another attack through the center, Belarus kept the difference of 2 points – 21:23, but Skrimov kept the chances in the game at 22:23.

Prandi made an excellent replacement of Skrimov with Asparuhov for a blockade, as the reserve player stopped an attack through the center of Belarus and the break was returned – 23:23. With excellent service Sokolov seriously hindered the meeting of Belarus, but still Babkevich managed from the 5th meter to lie to the triple block of Bulgaria, which definitely had to leave the striker without a block – 23:24. Skrimov returned to the game to finish the next point in 24:24 and stood on the serve. He did his job and secured a second attack for Bulgaria, but Atanasov was caught on the block – 24:25, and then Sokolov received a weak ball for 24:26.


Babkevich started the game strongly, after an excellent attack through zone 2 and ace gave an advance to Belarus – 3: 5. Welcoming us made another mistake, as Mazko scored an ace for 4: 7, and Sokolov saved the “lions” from a 4-point gap with a very difficult attack through the zone 1 – 5: 7. However, good minutes followed for Bulgaria and at 8: 8 a draw was reached, brought by Skrimov with an attack on the right through zone 4.

Todor Skrimov with his 8th ace for the first time in the game brought the national team ahead in the result – 13:12. and then Masko sent the ball out for the first break for the home team. However, the reception of Skrimov was broken again and Belarus regained the lead – 15:16.


Victory is an absolute must for the Lions. So far, Silvano Prandi’s alumni have recorded victories over Montenegro and the Czech Republic, as well as defeats from Italy and Slovenia. This gives them 5th place with 5 points. It should be noted, however, that success today will shoot us to the 3rd position, and we will overtake Belarus (with 6 points at the moment) and the Czech Republic (with 7 points at the moment).

The Czechs will find it difficult to regain their position, as they have a match with Italy. Slovenia and Montenegro have already played all 5 matches, with the Montenegrins last in the group without a point.

As is known, the first 4 of the 6 teams in the group advance to the round of 16. Although so many teams are moving forward, on paper there is a chance that Bulgaria will be eliminated, as will happen if we lose to today’s opponent.

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