LIVE – Covid-19: “the 4th wave is developing positively with a 20% drop in new cases”

“We did not leave for 15 years with the health pass” assures Jérôme Salomon

“There is good support today for the health pass. People also understood that it was a temporary risk reduction device, because we did not leave for 15 years with the health pass” assured the Director General of Health. “It’s because the situation demands it.”

According to him, it is thanks to this system that shops and places of leisure and culture have been able to remain open this summer. However, it does not give a date for the end of the health pass.

“All we hope is that with this re-entry under control, with a successful vaccination campaign, we will once again have control of the epidemic, we can get there”.

Compulsory vaccine in New Caledonia: “a clear and extremely courageous decision” for Jérôme Salomon

Asked about the compulsory vaccine in New Caledonia, the Director General of Health described the decision as “clear and extremely courageous”, recalling that the vaccination rate is very low in this territory.

This decision was taken at the local level by observing “the situation in French Polynesia” explains Jérôme Salomon. “When the Delta variant arrives in an insufficiently vaccinated population, there are considerable consequences”.

In France “we are in the process of promoting this adherence to vaccination”, via the health pass, he assures us.

Pfizer among city doctors and pharmacists: “it’s imminent”

Asked about the arrival of Pfizer vaccines in town doctors and pharmacies, Jérôme Salomon assured that it was “imminent. We are in the process of ensuring that all these vaccines are available”.

He assured that these doses would arrive in these establishments in the coming days, and that orders had already been placed by caregivers. “We aim for all centers to have access to all vaccines,” assures the Director General of Health.

He also recalled that “you can get vaccinated by crossing vaccines, there is no difference. Someone who has had Pfizer can have Moderna”.

“When we are vaccinated we have ten times less risk of ending up in intensive care” assures Jérôme Salomon

“When we are vaccinated we have ten times less risk of ending up in intensive care” because of the Covid-19 explains the Director General of Health, “it is still something huge in terms of prevention”, emphasizes Jérôme Salomon.

In addition, “the more people are vaccinated in a collective, the less the virus circulates. We form a collective barrier, a collective shield”, he explains, “the most vaccinated areas are also those where the incidence is the weaker”.

West Indies: “this Sunday we exceeded more than 100 transatlantic medical evacuations”, says Jérôme Salomon

The health situation in the territories of the Antilles deteriorated sharply this summer, and “in all 1,800 health professionals left in four weeks, entire cargo ships, treatments, vaccines …” from the metropolis to these departments of overseas, explained the Director General of Health. “It’s a huge effort.”

Referring to a “momentum of historic solidarity, unprecedented”, he declares that “this Sunday we exceeded more than 100 transatlantic medical evacuations” to the hexagon, “something that no other country is doing”.

“We are not at all with the vaccination of children” under 12 years old assures Jérôme Salomon

“We are not at all with the vaccination of children” under 12 years, said Jérôme Salomon on BFMTV, while other countries are vaccinating younger people.

This “for many reasons, first because there is a lack of scientific data, then because studies are in progress and therefore we will adapt to the evolution of scientific knowledge”.

Vaccine: “there are still a few million people to be convinced,” said Jérôme Salomon

“There are about 57 million French people who are eligible for vaccination, we are approaching 50 million, there are still a few million people to be convinced,” said the Director General of Health. “The main priority is the most fragile, the elderly.”

According to him, there is “a real craze among adolescents” for vaccination.

Vaccine: Jérôme Salomon advises people with doubts to ask doctors their questions

Jérôme Salomon advises people having doubts about vaccines “to go see the health professionals, to go and discuss with the pharmacist, with the people in the centers, saying to themselves’ maybe I’m going to get vaccinated but I ‘still have questions’ “.

“It is really the time to go and meet health professionals, to consult the ARS, this dialogue is useful and each additional vaccination will be very important,” he says.

Anti-health pass demonstrations: “I’m not worried” says Jérôme Salomon

“We are in a decisive, crucial period, an important turning point in this fourth wave, it seems to me that we are all vigilant in this return” declared on BFMTV the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon this Sunday.

But he says he is “confident because I find that the French are showing more and more collective, they have understood the interest of vaccination (…) I am not worried”, he assures us.

Jérôme Salomé guest of BFMTV at 12h00

The Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, will be on the set of BFM Politique from 12:00 p.m.

75% of Italians in favor of the health pass

About 75% of Italians are in favor of using the health pass and its wider extension to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, according to a survey published on Sunday by the daily The print.

Until now, this health pass, called a “green pass” in Italy, was only compulsory for health personnel. From September 1, its compulsory use was extended to teachers as well as passengers of long-distance trains, ships, planes and buses.

Regarding the introduction of this health pass for teaching staff, 76.1% of Italians questioned say they are in favor against 21.4% against and 75.4% are in favor of its use in the means of transport mentioned against 21.9% who are against it.

Polynesia challenged to reach 70% vaccinated

Faced with the epidemic wave, Polynesia is launched into a marathon to significantly raise the level of vaccination of a sometimes reluctant population, after the sluggish beginnings of its injection campaign.

But to reach the 70% bar, you have to explain, reassure, convince, because “today everyone is on the internet and social networks” where the fear of the vaccine is fueled by “rumors” about the dangerousness of the virus.

In Reunion, “the epidemic situation is improving frankly”, assures the ARS

“The epidemic situation has improved frankly for three weeks,” Reunion assured FranceInfo this Sunday Martine Ladoucette, director general of the Regional Health Agency of Reunion Island. And this “despite the start of the school year, which was a milestone for us”.

In this overseas department, the seven-day incidence rate is currently 161.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure very close to the national level of 155.1

“We have a decrease in the occupancy of beds in intensive care and Covid medicine,” continued Martine Ladoucette, even if there is still “overcrowding” for the moment.

On the island, confinement will be lifted on weekdays and the curfew pushed back to 9 p.m. on Monday, the prefect announced on Thursday by maintaining the ban on travel outside a radius of 10 km on weekends and to go out between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Vaccination without appointment this Sunday again in France

“All vaccination centers will offer walk-in vaccination this weekend, ephemeral operations will be set up on the territory and it will still be possible to get vaccinated in a large number of shopping centers” this Saturday and Sunday, had said the Ministry of Health in a press release Friday.

Called “At the start of the school year, all vaccinated”, this operation aims to “allow as many people as possible to be vaccinated”. Information on the vaccination locations during this weekend can be found on the websites of the Regional Health Agencies (ARS).

“In this period of re-entry and intensification of population mixing, the risks of contamination are increasing, while the virus is still circulating”, continues the ministry, stressing that “less than 10 million French people eligible for vaccination have have not yet received their first dose “.

The number of first injections decreasing

The number of first injections of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, which fell sharply in August, continued to decline in early September. A little more than 100,000 first doses are given each day, against more than 300,000 at the beginning of August.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, 49,101,185 people have received at least one injection (i.e. 72.8% of the total population) and 45,400,422 people now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 67.3% of the population). total).

The number of hospitalized patients below 11,000

The number of hospitalized patients, which had fallen below the 11,000 mark on Thursday, fell again slightly, to 10,654 against 10,816 on Friday, with 424 patients admitted in the last 24 hours (against 624 the day before). Seven days earlier, there were 11,052 patients.

The critical care services, which welcome the most serious patients, now treat 2,223 patients – including 124 admitted in the last 24 hours -, against 2,259 on Friday, and 2,259 also on Saturday, August 28.

For the past ten days, the number of patients admitted to intensive care units has fluctuated between 2,200 and nearly 2,300 without showing a clear downward trend.


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