Live broadcast of Al-Ahly (27)-(28) Zamalek, African Super Cup for Handball (end of the match)

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The first handball team of Al-Ahly Club will meet with its counterpart Zamalek today, Friday 10-9-2021, in the African Super Cup match at the Dr. Hassan Mustafa halls complex in 6th of October City.

The expected match will start at seven in the evening Cairo time – eight in Mecca time – nine in the Emirates time

The winner of the match will represent the brown continent in the Super Globe Club World Championship in Saudi Arabia from 5 to 9 October.

The meeting is scheduled to be moderated by a Tunisian arbitration team consisting of the duo Samir Makhlouf and Samir Krishan. Attendance at the match is limited to a maximum of 40 people for each club, which includes members of the board of directors from the two clubs.

start of the match

D8: Al-Ahly advanced 4 against 3 for Zamalek club

D16: Al-Ahly is still ahead of Zamalek with a score of 8-7

D24: The first progress of Zamalek club over Al-Ahly 12-11

D 28: Al Ahly 15 – 13 Zamalek

D29: Red card for the shield sword

The end of the first half, with Al-Ahly advancing 16-14, Zamalek

beginning of the second half

D1: Al-Ahly wastes the first attack in the second half

D5: Al-Ahly 18-16 Zamalek

D8: Al-Ahly 19-18 Zamalek

D 14: Al-Ahly 21-21 Zamalek

D 19: Al Ahly 24 – 24 Zamalek

D 22: Al Ahly 24 – 26 Zamalek

D 28: Al Ahly 26 – 26 Zamalek

D30: Yahya Al Deraa scores in the last second to win Zamalek the African Super Cup 28-27

end of the match


On Sport channels have the right to transfer the match inside Egypt in Egypt, and there will be an analytical studio for the match about an hour before its start.

To continue watching a live broadcast of the Al-Ahly match against Zamalek in the African Super Cup today, Friday 10-9-2021, click here

The Ontime Sports channel group published on its official page on social networking sites to alert the fans of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and the Sports Team in Egypt on the new frequency of its channel group. The new frequency is “.. 11861, coding rate 27,500..” .

On Time Sports is broadcasting on the new frequency “.. 11861, coding rate 27500..”

The new frequency is “.. 11861, coding rate 27,500..” .

Channel frequency 11861

vertical polarization coefficient

Coding factor 27500

Error correction factor 6/5

You can watch Time Sport on terrestrial television from the terrestrial frequency UHF 32.

The first steps in choosing the Time Sport channel on terrestrial TV
Time Sport channel can be installed on terrestrial TV

You have to install the terrestrial TV cable on the TV screen.

Disconnecting the receiver from the TV screen from the broadcast button on the terrestrial receiver.

In the event that the channel is not present, press the settings on your remote control

Then press the Channels button.

Do a channel setup tuning.

Click Auto Tune, select Digital Search, and wait for the channel to be installed

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency: 10853

Coding factor: 27500

Polarization: horizontal

Error correction factor 5/6

Class 7.3 West

The frequency of the On Time Sport channel 2- On Time Sport 2
The frequency of On Time Sport 2- on time sport 2 on Nilesat is as follows:

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency: 10853

Coding factor: 27500

Polarization: horizontal

Error correction factor 5/6


On Time Sport 3 channel frequency –
The frequency of On Time Sport 3- on time sport 2 on Nilesat is as follows:

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency: 12303

Coding factor: 27500

Polarization: horizontal

Error correction factor 5/6

On Time Sport terrestrial channel frequency
On Time Sport’s terrestrial broadcast frequency is as follows:

Satellite: Nilesat

Ground frequency (analogue): UHF9

Ground Frequency (Digital): UHF32

the match

The appointment

carrier channels


Al-Ahly – Zamalek

Friday 10 September 2021,
19:00 Egypt, 20:00 Saudi Arabia


Dr. Hassan Mustafa lounge

The two teams met before in the history of the African Super Cup 3 times, starting on Moroccan soil in 2017, and then the Red Genie crowned him with the only title in this cup with a broad score of 29-23, before the white knight adjusted his conditions and returned to win the next edition in 2018, which was held on The halls complex at Cairo International Stadium, which was won by the sons of Mit Oqba after a marathon match that ended with a score of 21-20.

The last confrontation of the poles on Moroccan soil was also won by Ahmed Al-Ahmar’s colleagues, where Al-Ahly was close to crowning the title, before the left-handed player scored the equalizing goal a few seconds before the end of the original time, to snatch his team’s victory during overtime with a score of 38-35.

The children of the White Castle have 6 titles for the African Super, compared to a single title for the Red Genie. Zamalek crowned the six-year titles: “2002 at the expense of the Tunisian team African, 2010 at the expense of the Algerian Petroleum Complex, 2011 at the expense of Tunisia’s Etoile du Sahel, 2012 at the expense of Cameroon’s Fab, and 2018 and 2019 at the expense of Al-Ahly.” The “Red Devils” won the title only once in 2017, at the expense of Zamalek.

Karim Hindawi, Mahmoud Khalil Felfel, Hisham Al-Sabki, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Yahya Al-Daraa, Saif Al-Dara, Hassan Walid Kaddah, Khaled Walid, Mohamed Bassiouni, Omar Al-Wakeel Bakkar, Ahmed Moamen, Ali Hisham, Hazem Mamdouh, Akram Yousry, Mohamed Alaa El-Sayed, Ahmed Hafez, Wissam Sami, Muhammad Ramadan Hitler.

Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar, Abdel-Rahman Hamid, Abdel-Rahman Taha, Islam Hassan, Ibrahim Al-Masry, Abdel-Rahman Faisal, Angel Hernandez, Osama Al-Jaziri, Ahmed Adel, Mohab Saeed, Ahmed Radi, Omar Hajjaj, Ahmed Hisham, Mahmoud Noaman, Yasser Seif, Mustafa Khalil Omar Sami, Abdel Aziz Ehab. Each team will choose 16 players in the final list for the match from among those names.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the handball league final – archive photo


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