List of Covid-19 Vaccination Locations in 4 DKI Jakarta Areas, Residents Don’t Need to Use Recommendation Letters

PR BOGOR – Now to do a vaccine type Pfizer and Modern from DKI Jakarta open to the general public, and no letter of recommendation is required.

Except for those with immunocompromised conditions, such as severe comorbid, autoimmune disease, and patients on immunosuppressant therapy.

For information, that vaccines Pfizer for residents aged 12 years and over, and vaccines Modern, for those aged 18 and over.

As for the following conditions vaccination These are Indonesian citizens who have a Jakarta ID card or Indonesian citizens who are domiciled in Jakarta DKI Jakarta, according to the information quoted from the provincial government’s Twitter DKI Jakarta.

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For registration of vaccine types Pfizer This can be done through the JAKI application. Please first check the available quota at

As for the type of vaccine, Modern can come directly to location, by following the information through the Twitter account @dinkesJKT

Following location vaccination Modern in some areas DKI Jakarta:

For West Jakarta area:
1. Darmais Hospital.
2. Cengkareng Hospital.
3. Taman Sari Hospital.
4. Kalideres Hospital.
5. Kembangan Hospital.
6. Pelni Hospital.
7. Grogol Petamburan Health Center.


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