Lionel Messi’s wife almost kisses the wrong man

Lionel Messi’s wife almost kisses the wrong man

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami are still on the road to success. After a win, his wife wanted to congratulate him, but caught the wrong man.

Lionel Messi turned Inter Miami’s young club history upside down. The team from the US state of Florida has won every game with the Argentine. After the triumph in the Leagues Cup, the US Open Cup continued. Miami and Messi beat Cincinnati 5-4 on penalties to qualify for the final.

Wife Antonella wanted to congratulate her husband after the dramatic victory. Together with the sons she went in search of the field. A short time later she found what she was looking for and started kissing when she realized that it was not her husband standing in front of her, but teammate Jordi Alba.

The Spaniard may be a familiar face from many years at Barcelona and at least looks a bit like Messi, but she realized her mistake in time and opted for a hug.

The two could laugh at the faux pas and then went their own way. Alba hugged Messi’s sons while Antonella went back to finding her husband.

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